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School of Business

Unveil your potential

About the School of Business

Linfield’s School of Business cultivates leaders. We are inspired to create an educational experience that fosters intellectual curiosity, integrity, an inclusive mindset, business-relevant knowledge and skills, global awareness and ethical behavior. Our strong grounding in business and commitment to your success are core competencies. Turn your passion for management, marketing, sport, wine, accounting or investing into a career.
Jennifer R. Madden, Ph.D.

Creating transformational student experiences

Message from the dean

We ardently prepare our students to thrive in an ever-changing work world. We facilitate critical thinking and innovation. We leverage networks. We bring ideas to fruition. And we wake up every morning excited to educate the next generation of change-makers and solution finders.

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Students in TJ Day Hall

Join the School of Business at Linfield

Admission to the School

Whether you want to manage a sports team, use your marketing skills in the wine industry, work in a top-rated accounting or investment firm, or be a global entrepreneur, joining Linfield’s world-class School of Business community is the first step.

School of Business

Programs of Study

business class presentation

Master of Science in


Choose your specialization – design and innovation or sport leadership – and elevate your business expertise.

adidas field trip

Major or Minor in

Sport Management

Passion underlies every role in the sports industry, whether in sports marketing, athletic administration, the apparel business, coaching, management or sports broadcasting.

winery field trip

Major or Minor in

Wine Studies

Obtain knowledge about the history, culture, production, business, science and appreciation of wine. 

Beyond the Classroom

Linfield’s School of Business animates classroom study with experiential learning through field trips, internships and corporate outreach opportunities to lay the groundwork for successfully building your network and portfolio.

Stories from our School of Business

Voices of Linfield

Linfield University banner
Kendall Harrison '21 and Nathaly Sanchez '21 in Linfield's podcast studio
Linfield University banner
NPR Podcasting Honors
Nathaly Sanchez '21 and Kendall Harrison '21 received honorable mentions in the NPR Podcast Challenge on April 6, putting them in the top 25 winning podcasts from college students across the country. Linfield is one of only two schools that had multiple students in the top 25.
Cami playing basketball
Cami posed with a basketball on her shoulders
Cami playing basketball
I'm Here For A Reason
Serious knee injuries have derailed Cami Reuter’s once-promising career, but the senior guard remains committed to fostering development of the Linfield women’s basketball program.
T.J. Day Hall
Jennifer R. Madden
T.J. Day Hall
Carrying Out a Vision
“I want the School of Business at Linfield University to be the institution of choice for studying business,” she concluded. “I walked into that vision, and I am proud to carry that vision forward.”
academic quad in January morning light
Kenna portrait
academic quad in January morning light
Fighting For Equity
“It was humbling coming to college and seeing there are people that have it way worse than I do and if I can, in any capacity, help to make that better due to my own privilege, then why not?”
Natalie hosting She Shreds event at Linfield
Natalie and students on field trip
Natalie hosting She Shreds event at Linfield
Advocating for Native athletes
“I try to use my platform and my voice to spread awareness about issues. I think of myself as trying to be an advocate for Linfield athletes and native athletes.”
Emma Anderson class of 2020 with her luggage
Isis Hatcher with three classmates at her university in Tokyo.
Emma Anderson class of 2020 with her luggage
The Decision to Stay or Go
The spring 2020 semester seemed to be no different from previous semesters, with many students studying all across the globe. All of that changed in February and March 2020. While the COVID-19 pandemic has affected everyone, its impact on Linfield students studying abroad is quite different than those in McMinnville and Portland.
Linfield University Campus in the spring
Student Pedro Graterol on computer
Linfield University Campus in the spring
Staying connected through crisis
While COVID-19 has altered the traditional way that college campuses operate, Linfield has pioneered new ways to remain connected as a community.
2020 She Shreds event in Ice Auditorium
Professional cyclist Claire Buchar
2020 She Shreds event in Ice Auditorium
She Shreds
Being an action sport athlete means embracing an identity that is not mainstream. It means being a part of a culture that is authentic, even if it’s not always the most welcoming to women or people of color.
Four Linfield students showed their “I VOTED” pride during the 2018 midterm elections.
Faculty and staff also got into the voting spirit on November 6, 2018.
Four Linfield students showed their “I VOTED” pride during the 2018 midterm elections.
Making their voices heard
As the 2020 elections draw ever closer, Linfield plans to continue impressing the importance of student expression and involvement and supporting opportunities centered around such activities.
Linfield University Banner
Student Delanie Strauss
Linfield University Banner
There’s a lot to explore
Traveling is an opportunity to see new places, experience different cultures and broaden your personal attributes. One of the unique opportunities offered in higher education is the opportunity to study abroad. Students have the privilege of immersing themselves in a foreign environment, furthering their education and development.
Aerial view of McMinnville campus
New Linfield faculty members fall 2019
Aerial view of McMinnville campus
Meet Linfield's newest faculty members
A roller derby announcer. A podcast host. An artist. Linfield’s newest professors are brilliant and an interesting group.
Cristina, Calder, Mihretabe and Luis background
Cristina, Calder, Mihretabe and Luis
Cristina, Calder, Mihretabe and Luis background
Create a solution in 24 hours
Twenty-four hours. That’s all the time Linfield students were given during the inaugural Wildhack competition to prepare proposals for rebranding and restructuring the college to increase student recruitment.
Linfield University Pioneer hall
Joe Stuart ’19, calls play-by-play in a men’s basketball game for the Linfield Sports Network
Linfield University Pioneer hall
More than a paycheck
For college students, a little disposable income from an on-campus job for the occasional lunch away from the dining hall or online spending spree is nice. But for Joe Stuart ’19, Efrain Martinez ’19, Cristina Ortiz ’20 and Vanessa Ong ’22, on-campus employment opportunities are far more valuable than the monthly paychecks.

School of Business

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