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Wine Studies

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Major or Minor in

Wine Studies

Expand your knowledge and understanding of the history, culture, production, business, science and appreciation of wine! Through an interdisciplinary approach to our wine studies program, you will explore the cultural, social and economic significance of wine in Oregon and around the world. Complete the major feeling prepared for graduate studies in viticulture, enology or wine business, or ready to pursue a dynamic career in the global wine and hospitality industries.

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As a wine studies major at Linfield

you might take:

The Geography of Wine

Explore how place plays a significant role in the production and consumption of wine. (WINE 101)

Introduction to Viticulture

Understand the science behind vineyard management and how grapes are grown. (WINE 211)

Introduction to Wine Making

Learn the basics of wine production, grape varieties, wine styles, and the influence of climate and soil. (WINE 212)

Studying wine at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an interdisciplinary understanding of the wine industry.

    Apply understanding to the unique aspects of the wine industry in our state and region.

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  • Demonstrate knowledge of the global to regional climates, soils and landscapes that are associated with growing grapes and producing wine.


    Communicate to the public about wine through public speaking, interpersonal communication, advertising, public relations, social media and online resources.

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  • Explain how wine is made, evaluated through sensory analysis and represented in marketing of the product.

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  • Describe wine distribution methods and wine markets, pricing structures and demonstrate operating knowledge of global retail wine sales.

    Articulate the cultural significance of wine and the social/societal aspects of the wine industry.

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  • Employ specialized skills in (and to) the wine industry through experiential learning or in-depth research.

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Intern in all areas of wine studies

Internships provide invaluable hands-on experience and further develop your professional skills. Some companies where wine studies majors at Linfield have found internship placements include:

  • Domaine Serene
  • Elizabeth Chambers Cellar
  • Willamette Valley Vineyards
  • International Pinot Noir Celebration
  • Dobbes Family Estate

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Have questions about wine studies at Linfield? Reach out! We'd love to connect with you.

portrait of Tim Matz in an Oregon vineyard
Tim Matz
Director of the Evenstad Center for Wine Education, Domaine Serene Chair in Wine Business
TJ Day Hall 320