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Introducing Linfield University's

2023-24 M.S. in Business Cohort

Three graduate students writing notes at the classroom whiteboard.

Posted on 09.18.23 by Denise Farag in School of Business

Linfield's Master of Science in business is a one-year program designed for anyone, whether you already hold a business degree or not, ready to pursue roles in leadership. Three concentrations are offered: design and innovation, sport leadership, and wine business leadership. The curriculum for all three provides expertise in innovation, design thinking, high-performance teams, critical thinking, and emotional and cultural intelligence.

We are pleased to introduce our 2023-24 cohort of students!

Portrait of Raylynn Bucher.Raylynn Bucher ’23

Hometown: Spokane Valley, WA

Undergraduate studies: Sport management and minor in leadership, ethics and diversity

Key strengths: Attention to detail, tenacious

What's exciting about this program: building toward my sport career passions and becoming an even bigger asset.

Goals: Build my network, work in professional baseball.

Portrait of Kathryn Canfield.Kathryn Canfield ’23

Hometown: Beaverton, OR

Undergraduate studies: Journalism and media studies and minor in sport management

Key strengths: Leadership, organization, creativity, collaboration, design

What's exciting about this program: Opportunity to refine my strategic thinking and elevate my understanding to become an insightful leader.

Goals: A career pathway with leadership roles that allow me to drive meaningful change.

Portrait of JT Estes.JT Estes ’23

Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA

Undergraduate studies: Finance

Key strengths: Communication, work ethic, planning

What's exciting about this program: further enhance my knowledge, build relationships, and be pushed to the limit.

Goals: Career in wealth management with the role of a financial advisor to help people plan for their futures.

Portrait of Alex Burkeen.Alexandra Burkeen ’23

Hometown: Wilsonville, OR

Undergraduate studies: Wine studies and finance, minor in management

Key strengths: Organized, dedicated, responsible, hard-working

What's exciting about this program: gaining new skills and working with my cohort to grow over the year.

Goal: Build a robust network.

Portrait of Carson Crist.Carson Crist ’23

Hometown: Tigard, OR

Undergraduate studies: sport management

Key strengths: Leadership, problem-solving, communication, determination

What's exciting about this program: gaining deeper knowledge and building connections for future work with a professional sports team.

Goals: General manager for a professional sports team.

Portrait of Patrick Estes.Patrick Estes

Hometown: Hood River, OR

Undergraduate studies: Athletic training

Key strengths: Calm and reasonable under stress, boundary spanner

What's exciting about this program: expanding my knowledge beyond playing sports into the business of sports.

Goals: Rugby or football coach working with athletes and develop further as a leader.

Portrait of Reece Gibb.Reece Gibb ’23

Hometown: Longview, WA

Undergraduate studies: Marketing, minor in sport management 

Key strengths: Social, leader, hard-working

What's exciting about this program: building relationships, and working with the faculty to learn and grow.

Goals: Better understand successful, high moral, creative, and innovative businesses and work in an industry that I am passionate about.

Portrait of Franco Keplinger.Franco Keplinger ’23

Hometown: Sacramento, CA

Undergraduate studies: Management

Key strengths: Sociable, personable, natural leader, responsible

What's exciting about this program: I am most looking forward to furthering my academic career, as well as exploring possible future endeavors in the business world.

Goals: Lifelong career.

Portrait of Saumay Narayan.Saumay Narayan ’23

Hometown: Warrenton, OR

Undergraduate studies: Computer science, minors in math and data science

Key strengths: Networking, recruiting, team management

What's exciting about this program: To be able to run a business from the ground up.

Goals: Scale my start-up business.

Portrait of Cage Hardy.Cage Hardy ’23

Hometown: Gig Harbor, WA

Undergraduate studies: Finance, minors in sport management and economics

Key strengths: Determination, attention to detail, teamwork, leadership

What's exciting about this program: To work closely with my peers, and our international clients.

Goal: Finding new passions and work that I enjoy every day.

Portrait of Devon Murray.Devon Murray ’23

Hometown: Sumner, WA

Undergraduate studies: Finance

Key strengths: Committed, hardworking, patient

What's exciting about this program: Working with others and furthering my knowledge.

Goals: A career where I can utilize my skills developed in the graduate program.

Portrait of Janessa Yniguez.Janessa Yniguez ’23

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

Undergraduate studies: Sport management, minor in media studies

Key strengths: Adaptability, teamwork, communication

What's exciting about this program: Working with my peers and the hands-on experience in business.

Goals: Work for a professional sports team in marketing, advertisement, social media or sales.