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Name Changes and Pronouns at Linfield

Changing your name

In most circumstances, your official name at Linfield is your legal name. Your chosen name is how you would like to be known at Linfield. Anyone can update their chosen name through Self-Service at any time.

How to change your name at Linfield:

  • Log into Self-Service
  • Click on your profile icon with CatNet ID, click “User Profile”
    A screenshot of the Self-Service dashboard and dropdown menu.
  • Click the "Edit Personal Identity"
    The edit icon in Self-Service.
  • Enter your chosen first, middle and/or last name. This is entered in the system as "Chosen Name."
  • Click "Save."
    The personal identity preference screen in Self-Service.

Where will my chosen name appear?

Linfield will try to use your chosen name where a legal name is not required. Most name changes will be processed within one business day in the following places:

  • Self-Service
  • Email display name (not CatNet ID)
  • Blackboard
  • Class rosters
  • Housing rosters
  • Some correspondence to home address

What will not change after I submit a chosen name?

  • Financial aid documents
  • Tax documents
  • Student billing information and documents
  • Official transcript
  • Any document that requires a legal name

What if I need a new ID card? 

Confirm your name change appears in your Outlook email within one business day. Once your email display name reflects your chosen name, you can go to Linfield Public Safety (LPS) for a replacement card.

  • Per LPS policy, you get one free replacement card and all subsequent replacements are $25.

What if I need to let Linfield know about a legal name change?

Please contact the Office of the Registrar.

What if I have a legal name that needs to remain confidential?

If you consider your legal name to be your deadname, you can ask the registrar to change your legal name to your official name. Please contact Diane Crabtree in the Office of the Registrar if this applies to you.

Adding or changing your pronouns

If you would like your pronouns to appear on class rosters, please complete the following steps.

  • Log into Self-Service
  • Click on your profile icon with CatNet ID, click “User Profile”
  • Click the "Edit Personal Identity"
  • Select your pronouns from the dropdown menu. If you don't see your pronouns, please contact the registrar's office.
  • Click Save
    A screenshot of the pronouns dropdown list in Self-Service.

Where will my pronouns appear?

  • Self-Service class rosters
  • Blackboard class rosters
  • Housing rosters

Adding your pronouns to your Microsoft Account 

Microsoft is adding new features to display your pronouns. If you would like your pronouns visible on your Microsoft Account, please visit this webpage to see how you can add them for yourself and where they will show up.