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Application for Graduation

Instructions for completing the degree application process

Every student must apply for graduation. This is a two-step process for McMinnville campus students. Portland and online students need only complete step one. (Please note that applying for graduation and applying to participate in Commencement are two separate processes, and students must complete both applications. This page outlines only how to apply for graduation).

1) Complete the online application for graduation

  1. Log into Student Self-Service 
  2. Click "Graduation Overview"
  3. Select "Apply" for the program of study for which you wish to apply to graduate. Very few students have more than one program. Two majors is not the same as two degrees-you must have at least 155 credits to get two degrees. If you are pursuing two degrees, you must apply for both (separately). You can apply to take the degrees at different times. Please note: If you have 2 majors, only the first one (alphabetically) will show on this page.
  4. Please review all information including degree (BA, BS, BSN), certificate(s), major(s), and minor(s) to ensure the list is complete and there are no extras (that you declared but are no longer pursuing). If you find any discrepancies, please cancel out of the application and email the registrar's office at
  5. Complete the application information requested.
    Please note: Preferred Name for Diploma/Commencement or Certificate – If you would like to have a variation of your name, please change it in this field. For example, if your name is Jane Elizabeth Doe, you might want your diploma to read 'Jane Doe' or 'Jane E. Doe' or 'J. Elizabeth Doe' or 'Liz Doe', etc... If your name has any special characters (e.g.: á, ä, or ñ), enter the closest thing using the standard keyboard and then email to ensure that the proper coding is used.
  6. Click the “Submit” button

2) Complete Senior Grad Review

This step is for McMinnville students only. 

  1. Go to Etrieve and select Senior Grad Review.
  2. Fill it out completely
  3. It will be routed to advisors and department chairs as needed for review.

The deadlines for submitting your application and Senior Grad Review are as follows:

  • If you plan to complete your degree in fall 2023 please submit your online Application for Graduation as soon as possible. The deadline for submission of the Senior Grad Review is the second week two semesters before you graduate (i.e. if you plan on graduating at the end of a spring semester, the deadline is the second week of the previous fall semester; if you plan on graduating at the end of a fall semester, the deadline is the second week of the previous spring semester). These deadlines help your advisor, department chairs, and Registrar’s Office staff ensure you will have met all degree completion requirements for graduation. Ultimately, students are responsible for meeting all degree requirements, but we are here to help.


We are here to help. Please reach out via email with any questions.

The Office of the Registrar

Melrose Hall, Room 030