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Information for graduating students

Congratulations on your candidacy for a degree from Linfield!

This page provides direct links to important information for graduating students.

Marching toward graduation

Update your contact information and tell us which family member(s) should receive news about Commencement.

How can Linfield reach you after you graduate? Please supply us with an email and phone number. Also, we plan to send Commencement information to your family. Please supply the name and address of the person who should receive that information. Log in to Etrieve and fill out the short "Marching Toward Commencement" form. Once completed, you will be entered into a drawing to win a diploma frame or some Linfield swag, including a sweatshirt!

Ready to graduate?

If you plan to graduate and/or participate in the Commencement ceremony, you must apply to graduate in WebAdvisor. If you have not already done so, please apply to graduate by logging into your WebAdvisor account.

Questions? Email

Cap and gown distribution

The Linfield Bookstore will be distributing caps and gowns. You can stop by the Bookstore between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. to pick up your regalia. You do not need to bring money, but you do need to bring your student ID.  If you do not live within easy driving distance of McMinnville, email the Bookstore at to make alternate arrangements.

Tassels are now available for those who picked up their cap and gown in early March.

Clearing your student account balance

All student account balances must have a zero balance to be eligible to receive their diploma at the time of graduation. In addition, if you have a Perkins or nursing loan, you must complete an Exit Interview online per federal regulations. All payments must be made and exit interviews must be completed no later than 4 p.m. on Friday, April 30. For more information about this, contact student accounts.

Name pronunciation

Whether Commencement happens in-person, online or both, we want to do our best to pronounce your name correctly. You can help! If there is any possibility of us pronouncing your name incorrectly, we hope you will take just a moment to send us the correct pronunciation. If you are not sure how to record your name using either a voice memo or Zoom, see instructions on the top of the form.

Class of '21 gift

Who made your Linfield experience possible? Did you receive scholarships to come to Linfield? Did you benefit from the close-knit community and personal relationships with faculty? Linfield alumni shaped your Linfield experience. Thousands of alumni give each year to the Linfield Fund to support your scholarships, leadership opportunities, technology, library collections, student activities and clubs. Celebrate becoming an official member of the Linfield alumni community with a gift to the Linfield Fund, and support the students who are following in your footsteps.

Make the most of your status as a member of Linfield's alumni

Welcome to the Linfield Alumni Association! The support and advantages of the Linfield community do not end when you graduate. Stay connected for continued benefits, resources, and a whole network of talented alumni who are ready and eager to help fellow Wildcats. To make the most of being an alumnus, make sure your contact information is up-to-date, join the Linfield University Alumni groups on LinkedIn and Facebook, and join an alumni chapter if you are headed to Portland, Seattle, San Francisco or Bend.

Career Development wants to know your after-graduation career plans and how they can support you!

As you look ahead at your career plans after graduation, career development wants to know how you benefited from working with us, what your future plans are, and how we can best support you. Please engage with this quick survey so we can continue to find ways to help you and your classmates!

Special opportunities for seniors

Senior speaking opportunities: There are four opportunities for students wishing to make speeches as part of the commencement weekend festivities. To learn more about these opportunities visit the Senior Speech Opportunities page. Submit a video and apply by March 30.

Senior bench artist: You can apply to paint the Senior Bench (next to Pioneer Hall) and leave your legacy on behalf of your class by March 30.

Commencement weekend events

There are a number of smaller affinity groups that hold events during commencement weekend. Please visit the program page for a complete schedule of commencement weekend events.

How will eligibility for participation in the Commencement celebrations be determined?

Generally, all McMinnville campus students and all non-nursing Online and Continuing Education students who will be completing all degree requirements at the end of either of April or May should plan to participate in the Commencement celebrations May 1-2. All nursing students (pre-licensure and RN-to-BSN) who will be completing all degree requirements at the end of either of April or May should plan to participate in the Commencement celebration at the end of May.

Students who will be completing their requirements at the end of May will be eligible to participate at the end of April and all students who will be able to complete all degree requirements within eight credits after May will be able to participate in either the April or May Commencement celebrations. Students wishing to participate before their actual degree completion must inform the Office of the Registrar by submitting a Commencement Participation Form.

With spring semester, May term, and summer term/semester as options, when will I officially graduate and how does that correspond with the Commencement celebrations?

Linfield University will confer degrees on April 30, May 27 and August 20 for any student who has completed all degree requirements as of each date. This degree conferral date is the date shown on your diploma and transcript.

If your Commencement celebration occurs before all of your degree requirements are complete, you will be given a diploma cover with a congratulatory message at the celebration and your diploma can be picked up or will be mailed to you after your degree is conferred.