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Archives and Finding Aids

Oregon Wine History Archive

Resource Name Resource Description
Guide to the Amity Vineyards Collection This collection is comprised of documents and artifacts covering Amity Vineyards and winery information. This includes vineyard and harvest records, business documentation, representative material from various wine-affiliated organizations, published books, newspapers, magazine articles and research papers collected by Myron Redford, Amity's founder. The collection provides researchers with a wide representation of the Oregon wine industry in addition to documentation and published works regarding wineries and vineyard owners from around the world.
Guide to the Byard Collection This collection is comprised of legal documents, wine labels and bottles, and other business materials from Don and Carolyn Byard’s time as owner and co-owner of Eola Hills Vineyard and Hidden Springs Winery.
Guide to the Kevin and Carla Chambers Collection Kevin and Carla Chambers have been involved in the wine industry since the 1980s. This collection is comprised of materials advertising wine events occurring in Oregon’s wine country, more specifically in Yamhill County. There are other promotional materials as well.
Guide to the Chateau Benoit Collection This collection is comprised of a large variety of publications, documents, photographs, books and other materials from Fred and Mary Benoit’s time as owners of Chateau Benoit from 1979-1999. The Chateau Benoit site is now Anne Amie Vineyards.
Guide to the Elaine Cohen, Oregon Wine Press Collection This collection contains photographs, negatives and slides from events over a period of 20 years in the Oregon wine industry. Images in this collection cover the Oregon wine community and the nation’s wine industry. The images in this collection were created to be part of the Oregon Wine Press publication, of which Elaine Cohen was a cofounder.
Guide to the Cole Danehower Collection This collection is comprised of materials from Cole Danehower’s careers — both as his time as a prominent Oregon-based wine writer and before he relocated to Oregon. Materials include articles written by Danehower, information collected on a variety of topics related to the wine industry, interviews he conducted, books he acquired over time and his on-site photographs. There are also materials celebrating his wedding and honoring his death.
Guide to the Fred Delkin and
Monica Sopke Cory Papers
This collection contains original marketing and public relations materials for the Oregon Winegrowers Association and the Oregon Wine Advisory Board (nka Oregon Wine Board).
Guide to the Phillip DeVito Collection The Phillip DeVito Collection contains documentation in the form of articles, letters, photos, awards and other artifacts to Mr. DeVito’s career and his contribution to development of the wine and hospitality industries of Oregon.
Guide to the Patricia Dudley Papers The Bethel Heights Winery collection provides a sense of camaraderie and cooperation between Oregon wineries on the issue of maintaining the health and well-being of their workers. The collection includes Oregon Wine Association (OWA) membership letters, Oregon Grapevine newsletters and event programs/wine notes for the ¡Salud! Oregon Pinot Noir Auction.
Guide to the Elk Cove Vineyards Collection This collection is a compilation of various publications, newspapers and photographs regarding the Elk Cove Vineyards, spanning from its beginnings in 1974 to 2014. The publications all make mention of Elk Cove, founded by Joe and Pat Campbell.
Guide to the Erath Winery Collection The collection was donated by Dick Erath, the founder of the Erath Winery in Dundee, Oregon. The collection contains financial information about the winery, publicity found in newspapers and magazines, details of the winemaking process, multiple drafts of the biographical book The Boys Up North, along with other ephemera and a bottle of the first commercial wine produced by the Erath Winery in 1972.
Guide to the William Fuller Papers The William Fuller papers contain documentation on the history of Tualatin Estate Vineyards and the Oregon Wine Advisory Board. The collection spans almost thirty years from 1969 to 1997.
Guide to the Gary Fuqua Papers Papers include organizational documentation from the early days of the Oregon Wine Industry prior to the establishment of the Oregon Wine Board. There is a significant amount of documentation regarding climate and weather patterns for the Willamette Valley, as well as documentation dealing with challenges facing viticulture.
Guide to the International Pinot Noir Celebration (IPNC) Collection This collection contains documents, photographs, digital media, artifacts and real objects of the IPNC from the beginning of the conference’s origins in 1987 through 2011. Included are invitations, newspaper articles, reviews, correspondence between IPNC and wineries, advertisements, magazines, letters, meeting summaries, photographs, negatives, posters, exhibition material, objects that relate to the IPNC and CDs with digital content.
Guide to the Mark Kronquist Collection The collection includes French and Oregon wine bottles, wine glasses from various celebrations and events, numerous wine bottle corks, corkscrew, books on wine and a small sampling of documents pertaining to wine events in Oregon, such as wine labels and wine event passports. This collection also contains a pair of shears that are said to have been used to prune Amity Vineyards’ original vine stock in Oregon.
Guide to the Jim McDaniel Papers The Jim McDaniel Papers include correspondence, newspaper articles, land sale documents and loan documents pertaining to the purchase of the land and equipment used to create and maintain the McDaniel Vineyard. The paper records also contain written records of grape crops and sales contracts. Photographs include images of the early days of the vineyard plantings, harvest parties, neighboring vineyard and winery owners, the family home and photos of the area surrounding the vineyard.
Guide to the Oregon Wine Board Collection The Oregon Wine Board collection provides a history of the involvement of the Board in Oregon’s wine industry. In addition, it includes the many processes that allow for an organization like the OWB to function properly and provide functional services to its community, including planning, research, marketing and education.
Guide to the Ponzi Vineyards Collection This collection details the history of Ponzi Vineyards, founded by Dick and Nancy Ponzi. It includes information regarding events at the vineyard as well as the winery business. Included are articles showcasing the accolades given to the wine made at Ponzi Vineyards and the history of the work that the Ponzis have done to create their winery, as well as the contributions of other individuals.
Guide to the Rex Hill Photograph Collection This collection is predominantly photos that date back to 1982 when the Rex Hill Vineyard property was purchased by Paul Hart and Jan Jacobsen. Photos include property development, festivals and events, staff and the annual harvest. The collection also includes winery books, a 1975 article about the Oregon Wine Industry, a few promotional videos and numerous slides and negatives.
Guide to the ¡Salud! Papers This collection contains primarily photographs (including many slides), publicity and newspaper clippings. Many of the documents included are pamphlets, brochures, or other informational material created by ¡Salud! These range from information about the program and publicity outreach to auction programs. There are auction guides from each year as well as some objects from the auctions (including four wine glasses, an auction paddle, etc.). The photos are primarily from the auctions, though there are photos from the clinics as well. The collection will be of most use to researchers looking for information about the auction.
Guide to the Sokol Blosser Winery Collection The Sokol Blosser Winery was established more than 40 years ago as one of the earliest wineries in the Dundee Hills. Founders Susan Sokol Blosser and Bill Blosser first produced wine in the late 1970s. Susan Sokol Blosser became the president of the winery in 1991 and was among the pioneers in sustainable winemaking practices and also helped found the ¡Salud! health care program. The collection contains business and vineyard records as well as historical winery and family records.
Guide to the Southern Oregon Wine Institute (SOWI) Papers The Southern Oregon Wine Institute (SOWI) collection provides a history from the beginnings of the institution in 2008 to the addition to the new Danny Lang Teaching, Learning, and Event Center in 2012. It includes information on the institution’s positive effect on the Oregon Wine industry, published studies and academic papers from the college, as well as published articles promoting the Oregon Wine Industry itself.
Guide to the Barney Watson Collection This collection contains materials regarding the wine industry and Oregon State University’s enology program. All materials focus around Barney Watson, an active member in the wine industry and former professor of enology at Oregon State and Chemeketa Community College.
Guide to the Weber Vineyards Collection The Weber Collection holds information of harvest details of the Weber Vineyards from 1984-1995. Along with a few pictures, this collection retains documents on spray programs, harvesting records, research and finances. There is also information on day to day schedules of the vineyard, to-do lists and daily notes.
Guide to the WillaKenzie Estate Papers WillaKenzie Estate, established by Ronni and Bernard Lacroute, is located in Yamhill, Oregon in the rolling hills of the Yamhill-Carlton AVA. The first vines were planted in 1992 and additional plantings continued through 2001. This collection contains documents pertaining to the establishment of the vineyard. There is a larger collection of digital photographs depicting the development of the vineyards and of the annual harvest.

Linfield University Archives

Resource Name Resource Description
Guide to the Anthropology Collection This collection follows the correspondence trails of a number of members of the American Baptist Church and its missionaries in India. Letters are sent between family members within the U.S. and also between members of the church in the United States and Baptist missionaries in India. The letters mostly include information on family and personal life. In addition, the collection possesses religious articles, paraphernalia, poems and sermons.
Guide to the Mike Barrow Collection Documents and photographs from the life of Mike Barrow, a star athlete and very involved student of Linfield University who died in 1969 while serving his country in the Vietnam War. He earned a purple heart and other important medals.
Guide to the Helen Blumenstiel Collection The collection showcases the life and work of Helen Blumenstiel, chairman of the Fine Arts department at Linfield University from 1953-1965. Her contributions made a lasting impact on the art department at Linfield, and she paved the way for the department to expand from a single class to a full-fledged course of study.
Guide to the Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds Papers This collection reflects the life work of Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds, a student and professor of Linfield University. A dedicated and scrupulous woman, the majority of the collection consists of her research, teaching materials and correspondence. The collection also includes research and correspondence by Dr. Jane Claire Dirks-Edmunds’ mentor, Dr. James A. Macnab.
Guide to the Lyle Hubbard Slide Collection  This collection is a digital representation of several thousand 35-millimeter color slides used to document, characterize and teach about forensics and physical anthropology fieldwork. The slides were taken by alumnus Lyle Hubbard and document his travels outside of Oregon state, as well as projects at the University of Oregon, Portland Community College, Washington State University, the Oregon Bureau of Land Management and the University of Tennessee.
Guide to the International Programs Office (IPO) Collection  The International Programs Office (IPO) collection contains photographs from the International Programs office and study abroad scrapbooks. The images range from students and landscapes abroad to office photos from the associated International club events. The collection also includes sashes from study abroad and a series of photographs from the 1994 East Asian Symposium and Cultural Awareness Week.
Guide to the Bob Jones Collection  This collection largely reflects the life of Dr. Robert E. Jones during his years in the United States Army and provides a glimpse of his later life as an academic. The majority of this collection contains letters and photographs from his time in the Army, but also includes military and professional documents and his military jacket.
Guide to the Linfield Chamber Orchestra (LCO) Collection This collection, a repository for the documents, media and minutia of the Linfield Chamber Orchestra, shows the efforts of the organization to provide a teaching orchestra to the Yamhill County area. The majority of the collection is paper-based, with companion pieces such as posters and news clippings.
Guide to the Linfield University-Good Samaritan School of Nursing Collection The collection features a variety of historical documents concerning the Good Samaritan School of Nursing, spanning more than a century. This includes photos, the memoir of founder Emily Loveridge, personal and professional correspondences, articles, financial analyses and documentation of key changes throughout the years.
Guide to the Linfield University Photograph Collection This collection contains photographs, glass lantern and plastic slides and film negatives depicting the many-layered facets of life at Linfield University, on its McMinnville and Portland campuses. The photography, which dates to the 1880s, features (without limit to): students, faculty and staff, commencements, guest speakers and performers, buildings, activities and clubs, athletics, the arts (studio and performance), residence life, social and study scenes.
Guide to the McDaniel Collection The McDaniel Collection contains photos, articles, records, and other artifacts that document the history of the First Baptist Church and various people that played a role in the overall function of the church. This collection also includes aspects of Linfield’s history as it overlapped with that of the First Baptist Church.
Guide to the Mu Phi Epsilon Collection This collection contains records, assorted publications, and various artifacts from the Mu Phi Epsilon society, a co-ed international professional music fraternity, at Linfield University.
Guide to the Mark and Ada (Gillett) Rich Collection This collection reflects the life of Mark Rich and Ada Gillett during their years at Linfield University. The majority of the collection consists of photographs with a few letters and memorabilia from their time at Linfield
Guide to the Upward Bound Collection This collection contains documents and photos detailing the Upward Bound TRIO program at Linfield University. This and other programs like it were designed to help low-income, minority and first-generation students overcome class, social and cultural barriers to higher education.