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Nicholson Library interior.

Meet the Library Faculty and Staff

Meet the librarians

Meet the library staff

Michael Backus
Evening Supervisor, Nicholson Library
503-883-2711 |
4 p.m.-12 a.m.: Circulation, EMS support

Kent Cline
Head of Access and Collections Services, Portland Library
971-369-4173 | 
Circulation and cataloging

Alyssa Ralston
Archives Coordinator, Nicholson Library
503-883-2296 | 
Archives accessibility and collaboration

Bahram Refaei
Director of Access and Educational Media Services, Nicholson Library          
503-883-2520 |
Circulation, EMS, gifts

Rich Schmidt
Director of Archives and Resource Sharing, Nicholson Library
503-883-2734 |
Archives, collection gifts, interlibrary loan

Amy Scholer
Administrative Assistant for University Libraries, Nicholson Library
503-883-2519 | 
Accounting, reporting, internal administrative support 

Steve Silver
Cataloging and Collections Specialist, Nicholson Library
503-883-2274 |
Acquisitions and cataloging

James Spears
Multimedia Support Specialist, Nicholson Library
503-883-2264 | 
A/V event and classroom support    

Karen Updegraff
Library Computer Technician, Nicholson Library
503-883-2301 |
Library and classroom computer maintenance

Ariadne Will
Outreach and Engagement Specialist, Nicholson Library
503-883-2346 |
Communications and events