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Studying Sociology & Anthropology at Linfield

Sociology & Anthropology Portrait

Do the social lives of human beings fascinate you?

Are you interested in understanding the complexity of human cultures across human history or around the world? Do you yearn for a better understanding of the complex causes and consequences of human behavior? Do you want to gain the skills needed in a 21st-century labor market that is fast-changing and increasingly global?

If so, then a major in sociology or anthropology is for you!

SOAN graffiti room

Why Linfield?

Linfield's Department of Sociology and Anthropology (SOAN) offers a rigorous interdisciplinary sociology-anthropology curriculum with breadth across the core and depth in each major. Our program is unique in that we have a joint department, yet separate majors. While focusing on the one you're most interested in, you still get the best of both and gain a broader perspective and understanding of human behavior.

While studying in our department, take advantage of engaging opportunities and activities that develop the types of skills today’s employers are looking for.

You will also experience:

Explore the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at Linfield University and discover what committed professors and an exciting program can do to help you to realize your potential.