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Life After Linfield

So, what can you do with a mathematics major?

Well, what can’t you do? That’s the question.

Our majors develop analytical reasoning skills, practice a rigorous approach to solving problems, develop models for physical processes. Combine these skills with the broad educational experience Linfield provides, and our majors have the communication skills, the perspective, and the skill set to successfully follow their passion.

A few of our recent math graduates have gone on to:

  • Work as actuaries at insurance firms and other companies who manage risk
  • Work as data analysts
  • Stay directly involved with mathematics, teaching at the elementary or secondary level
  • Work in the industry doing data management, finance, programming, modeling processes, or general problem solving, to name a few
  • Pursue graduate studies in mathematics and other fields. Recent double majors have gone on to graduate school in economics, physics, biology and chemistry

Department of Mathematics

Alumni Profiles

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Kara Grant
Linfield University banner
Educating college students is in her blood
"My education at Linfield was integral in shaping my career goals to become a professor."