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About Data Science at Linfield

If you like to generate and analyze data in order to better understand complicated processes, the data science track at Linfield will help you develop tools needed to do so effectively as you pursue a career in your chosen field.

If you’re intending to major in mathematics but are also interested in data science, consider pursuing the math major - data science track.

Courses you will take toward the data science minor:

  • Data Science Seminar (MATH 190): Present and discuss topics in data science, including interdisciplinary problems and techniques, careers in data science, and ethics
  • Elective courses such as Bioinformatics (BIOL 340): Conduct computer-based exploration of large biological data sets in this project-based Jan term course.
  • Mathematical Modeling Experience (MATH 280): Experience solving real-world problems using mathematical modeling by participating in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling sponsored by COMAP, and earn credit toward the data science minor for doing so.

View a full list of requirements.

Find out more

For more information about Linfield’s data science programs contact Professor Hitchman.