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The top of Pioneer Hall through vibrant fall leaves on the trees.

Linfield Residence Life Terms

Common terms used living on the McMinnville campus

Area Director (AD): A position on campus that oversees groups of RAs and RLAs and residence halls. There are two ADs at Linfield.

Bite: Dillin Hall's menu or food calendar available on an app called Bite.

Care referral: A form that can be completed by any member of the Linfield community, when there’s a concern about a student’s success. Concerns include, but are not limited to, a student’s academic, mental or physical well-being. Information submitted to the care team will be treated with the utmost discretion and in the interest of connecting the student to relevant support resources.

Co-ed residence halls: Residence halls/dorms where all genders are allowed, and floors or wings are designated for male and female students.

Flex: Money on your meal plan that can be used in Dillin, at Wildcat Express and Starbucks, depending on your meal plan.

Gender-inclusive room/apartment: A residence hall room or apartment with roommates determined without regard to biological sex or gender identity. This option is available in Campbell Hall, Mahaffey Hall, and the college-owned apartments. Campbell and Mahaffey Halls have gender-inclusive bathrooms. College-owned apartments have private gender-neutral bathrooms.

Gender-neutral bathroom: A private bathroom with a locking outer door available in designated buildings throughout campus to be used by members of the community without regard to biological sex or gender identity.

Gender-inclusive bathroom: A common area bathroom open to all users regardless of biological sex or gender identity. Private stalls, with partitions going nearly to the floor and ceiling, will enclose toilets, urinals, and showers with individual changing areas. These are available on the first floor of Campbell Hall and Mahaffey Hall's third floor. There are also single-use all-gender restrooms in several buildings across campus (including some residence halls and academic buildings).

Graduate Resident Director (GRD): A graduate student who oversees one or more residence hall and the RAs within the building(s).

The Greens: Blaine St. apartments on campus reserved for juniors and seniors.

HPs: Short for the Hewlett-Packard Apartments.

Mandatory reporter: When an RA, faculty and/or staff member at Linfield is told something that is potentially a Title IX violation, it is part of their job to report it.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH): An honor society within Residence Life for students who have been involved in RHA or the greater Residence Life department for at least two years and have at least a 3.0 GPA.

One-on-one: A discussion between an RA and a student about their academic standing and/or participation in activities.

Peer Hearing Board (PHB): A carefully selected group of students and faculty members that work together to discuss and determine responsibility for cases.

Quiet hours: Courtesy hours on campus in all residence halls where noise levels are expected to stay low.

Res life: Short for Residence Life. Follow on Instagram: @linfieldreslife.

Resident Assistant (RA): A student on campus who lives in the residence hall (dorms) and enforces all community guidelines as well as being a mandatory reporter.

Residence Life Assistant (RLA): Assistants to the Residence Life professional staff as well as mentors/leaders for RAs.

Residence Hall Association (RHA): A student-led organization that provides engaging opportunities and leadership opportunities. Follow on Instagram: @rhalinfield

Six Pack: The grouping of six dorms/residence halls behind Dillin – Elkinton Hall, Larsell Hall, Anderson Hall, Terrell Hall, Hewitt Hall and Frerichs Hall.

The Suburbs: Apartment-style housing for juniors and seniors living on campus. The suburbs are made up of Blaine Street apartments (The Greens), College Ave Apartments (The Whites), Dana Hall, Hewlett-Packard Complex and Newby Hall.

Swipe: A noun/name for your ID card used for building access as well as Wildcat cash (paying at Dillin, Starbucks or Wildcat Express).

Third Street: The award-winning main street and downtown area in McMinnville. 

The Whites: College Avenue apartments on campus reserved for juniors and seniors.

Wildcat Cash: General money that can be loaded on an ID card.

Wildcat Express: Located in Dillin, you can use a swipe at Wildcat Express for snacks, smoothies and coffee.