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Hewlett Packard Park Apartments

Suburb (apartment-style) housing

Capacity: 276

Type: suburb

Room options:

  • HPA: 12 quads, two doubles
  • HPB: 12 quads, two doubles
  • HPC: 12 quads, two doubles
  • HPD: 12 quads, two doubles
  • HPE: 10 quads, one triple
  • HPF: 12 quads, two doubles

Amenities: Each unit has individually furnished bedrooms, extra-long twin beds, a furnished living room, a full kitchen and individual laundry machines. This suburb is connected to Linfield's computer network (CatNet) and phone system.

Resident Advisors: six

Features: Quad units are four bed/two bath; triple units are three bed/two bath; double units are two bed/one bath. A furnished bedroom includes a bed, dresser, closet, desk and desk chair for each resident.

These apartments offer an independent buffer from campus and the feel of real apartment-style living, along with some of the best furnishings out of all living options.

As of the fall of 2021 two of the Hewlett Packard Park apartments have been designated as animal-free apartment buildings to provide accommodations for those students who may have sensitivities or allergies to animals. Please email for more information.

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