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Portland trail in the spring

Holistic Health Club

The Holistic Health Club aims to explore and identify alternative and integrative health methods and the collaboration of those methods with current western practice. Join us as we examine acupuncture, naturopathic care, midwifery, massage, yoga and more!

Holistic Healthcare is founded on the belief that each person is a whole in constant interaction with the environment. There is no separation between body, mind, or spirit. Holism emphasizes the relationships among all living things.

A holistic approach expands the patient encounter to include methods of enhancing the person’s resistance to the illness, including rest, fluids, nutritional counseling, reduction of aggravating behaviors and stress management.

Our main goal as a club here at Linfield's School of Nursing is to increase our overall knowledge base and have fun while doing it! We will invite guest speakers and offer clinics on campus and even organize a mini-retreat sometime this spring! As a group we will discuss and decide what the main interests are of the club and pursue those methods at future meetings.

Throughout the year we will examine approaches to leading a healthy lifestyle and the potential healing benefits of methods ranging from yoga, acupuncture, nutrition, naturopathic care, healing touch, midwifery, massage, and more!