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student athletes

Beyond the Classroom

Connect your learning to real-world applications.

Learning in Linfield’s HHPA department expands far beyond the classroom. Hands-on experiences in our exercise science lab and anatomy and physiology lab are crucial for developing an understanding of health and human performance as well as fostering critical thinking.

You can explore innovation and best practice in the field by traveling to national conferences with your peers. Perhaps teach a weekly physical activity class to local children. Help within the local community. And participate in our Student Symposium with collaborative research presentations in exciting areas such as:

  • The physiological effects of structured versus unstructured cardiovascular exercise on our moods
  • How listening to specific music genres may improve our performance in cycling. (Would you believe us if we told you, you might burn more calories listening to country music while you spin?)
  • Effects of velocity, distance and shoulder range of motion in two throwing programs

Regular professional conferences attended:

A glance at recent student presentations:

  • Validity and reliability of devices measuring countermovement vertical jump performance
  • Use of the functional movement screening in Division III Collegiate Athletes
  • Cessation of nightly voluntary wheel-running activity following exposure to a mouse model of post-traumatic stress
  • Data-driven: The economics of mountain biking