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Emma Inge ’22

Making Connections to Creativity

Photo of Emma Inge.

Posted on 02.07.24 by Mariah Johnston '25 in College of Arts & Science

A Spotlight on the Arts

Meet Emma Inge ’22, a double major in journalism and media studies with a passion for digital art – complemented by minors in sociology and studio art. During her very involved time at Linfield as a member of Alpha Phi, the Linfield Review and president of Wildcat Productions, she made connections and memories across the board.

“I think that there is a place for everyone within an organization on campus and it really gets you into different places you wouldn't have been otherwise,” Emma said. “By building more connections, I just knew a bunch more people. I think it just makes it a much more meaningful experience in college when you're able to be social.”

Emma knows that the network she created is what has allowed her to excel in the digital media world.

Connections are Key

During her time at Linfield, Emma worked as an intern for the Seattle Channel. This internship was made possible with the help of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (NATAS), an organization through which she had been awarded a scholarship. When her internship with Seattle Channel ended, the relationships she had built there helped her gain a new internship with PBS in Bozeman, Montana during her last summer before graduation.

“Long story short, it was like if I didn't get that scholarship, I would have never been able to get that internship,” Emma said.

Her advanced work with the Department of Journalism and Media Studies and within the Linfield Department of Art helped her pave the way for her dream career.

“Emma Inge’s work in the digital art program was creative, experimental, and showed a professionalism that surpassed all our expectations,” Belle Bezdicek, associate professor of art, said. “She did all this with a bright smile and positive energy that was so contagious. I miss Emma’s energy but know wherever she goes in the industry, she will be a huge asset.”

What She’s Doing Now

Since graduation, Emma has been able to dive head-first into the creative field. She’s working for a creative company in Seattle. In her role, she's creating content that the company needs that day, often drawing on her background in digital art.

Emma also works as a freelancer, doing creative work for various clients. Whether it’s making designs, creating videos or shooting photography, Emma can express her artistic self while doing the work she loves.

“I'm really lucky,” Emma said. “I have people that think of me as a resource now.”

Her creative career is just starting. As she continues her work, she is confident in her abilities and knows that Linfield will always be in her corner.

“I think the connections I made with my professors are relationships that are stronger than just teacher and student." Emma said, "I think it was more like colleague to colleague. That was something that I valued.”

For Emma, Linfield’s community allowed her to grow her network and jump-start her creative career. Fast forward four years and now she is on the path to achieving her dreams in the creative realm.