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Pet-Friendly Housing

Bringing your pet to campus is bringing a little bit of home with you.


For student pet lovers who value and want to further their knowledge about pet education and well-being

Linfield’s Pet-Friendly Communities welcomes all pet lovers and owners! These communities seek to foster healthy pet ownership practices and pet health. With educational programming geared towards the benefits and responsibilities of pet ownership while in college, residents will be able to utilize these skills and practices to better their and their pet’s well-being during the transition to campus living.

The Pet-Friendly Communities are partnered with Buchanan Cellers, a local animal feed store, for supplies and discounts.

Great for students who:

  • Are passionate about animals.
  • Want to bring a pet from home or those looking to get a pet while in college that is not a service or emotional support animal.
  • Want the benefits of living with a pet without having the responsibility of their own.
  • Want to learn about pet ownership and develop skills to better pet well-being.

Linked residential spaces(s)

  • Jane Failing Hall
  • 1155 Blaine St. Apartments

Example programs

Here are a few examples of programs that are scheduled or may occur in our Pet-Friendly Communities!

  • Educational sessions about pet ownership and well-being.
  • Pet meetups.
  • Emergency preparedness.
  • Partnerships with local shelters.
  • DIY pet toys.

If you have an idea for a floor or hall program, please contact your resident assistant(s), RHA hall representative(s) or community coordinator to see about planning!

Pet-friendly community guidelines

Pet Living Guide

Meet our furry residents

Voices of Linfield

Jillian Quiett '23
Jillian and her mini Lionhead Rabbit Emery
Jillian Quiett '23
Comforting Companions
Living with a pet can come with many benefits in everyday life, like encouraging exercise, socialization and reducing the likelihood of stress and anxiety.


Review our policy guide, resource guide and application information. For more information about the Pet-friendly Community, please contact Catherine Dirksen.

Catherine Dirksen
Community Coordinator for the Pet-Friendly Communities
Jane Failing Hall and 1155 Blaine St. Apartments