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Global Cultural Studies

Why take global cultural studies at Linfield?

Global cultural studies is for you if you:

  • Are curious about the cultures of today’s interconnected, globalized world
  • Would like to investigate how diverse literatures, cinema, popular culture and other media or cultural texts deal with identity, power, equality and belonging across the globe
  • Are interested in developing global perspectives on migration, race, gender and sexuality, colonialism or the environment
  • Intend to pursue careers in international business and law, medicine, public policy, education, government service, international service, journalism, publishing, the creative cultural industries or in international STEM research fields
  • Are interested in graduate programs
  • Take pride in being an informed and culturally sensitive global citizen

Global cultural studies helps you develop a critical global awareness through a range of thematic courses mostly taught in English and fluency in a language of your choice to prepare you for life and leadership roles in the 21st century.

Global Cultural Studies:

Major areas of specialization

French art

French and Francophone Studies

The contributions of French-speaking cultures stretch across the globe, especially in the areas of food culture, fashion, theater, the visual arts, cinema and architecture. 

Japan architecture

Japanese Studies

Japanese has everything a student of language and culture might desire: rich history, fascinating cultural practices, interesting people, compelling places and global relevance.

Spanish heritage celebration

Latin American/Latinx Studies

Latin American and Latinx Studies explores communities in Latin America and the United States: their identities, their struggles, their aspirations.