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Advocators, leaders and students

2022-23 CAT Squad

five peer educators for the Consent Awareness Training Squad

Posted on 12.14.22 by Kathy Foss in College of Arts & Science

Meet the 2022-23 CAT Squad!

The Consent Awareness Training Squad (CATS) is a group of student leaders that work to spread awareness on and off campus about the importance of consent, healthy relationships, respect and safe alcohol habits. This ASLU-recognized student club is based on the McMinnville campus and offers a class for credit, which explores healthcare advocacy and leadership.

This year's CATS educators come from a variety of backgrounds and majors. Meet the 2022-23 squad!

Portrait of Kayley DombriguesKayley Dombrigues '25

Hometown: Waikoloa and Princeville, Hawaii
Major: journalism and media studies; digital art

"I became a CATS member to advocate and prioritize campus safety and the health of all students here at Linfield."

Portrait of Marycelia HernandezMarycelia Hernandez '25

Hometown: Beaverton, Oregon
Major: elementary education with a special education endorsement

"I joined CATS because I want to a helpful resource for people!"

portrait of Elissa MartinezElissa Martinez '26

Hometown: San Diego, California
Major: biochemistry and molecular biology

"I joined CATS because I wanted to help spread awareness and make sure it was known that these topics are okay to talk about. Growing up in a Hispanic household, it was really 'taboo' to talk about these topics, and they were often brushed under the rug. I want to prevent that from happening any longer."

portrait of Elissa MartinezAlexiss Jimenez '25

Hometown: Tillamook, Oregon
Major: psychology

"I have always had a passion for others and being active in my community. Linfield is my home, and I want others to feel comfortable, safe and supported. I want to help others and make sure everyone here in this community is safe and educated to make the best decisions possible."

Portrait of Yvonne RoblesYvonne Robles '25

Hometown: Woodburn, Oregon
Major: journalism and media studies; sociology

"The reason why I’m in CATS is because I love doing educational programming that brings awareness to things that may come up on campus."