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Are you curious about why and how people think, feel, remember, believe and behave the way they do? Why some people in the same situation will perceive and react very differently from others, but also why some situations influence us to behave in ways that we might not even predict ourselves? How social experiences shape who we become and why some people lose their way as they struggle with mental health issues? Joining one of the most popular programs at Linfield University, you will develop the knowledge and skills to answer these types of questions in the classroom and out-of-class experiences, such as internships or independent or collaborative research with expert faculty.

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Meet Alexis, a psychology major at Linfield

As a psychology major at Linfield

you might take:

Drugs and Behavior

Explore how drugs impact brain and behavior and drive addiction by changing learning, cognitive, and social processes. Also discover how drugs influence mental health conditions. (PSYC 325)

Seminar in Abnormal Psychology

Critically examine and analyze research and clinical issues in the field of clinical psychology including how we study and classify dysfunctional behavior and understand its’ causes and treatment. (PSYC 381)

Introduction to Developmental Psychology

In this course you will journey through life from conception through adolescence. You will acquire a greater understanding of the behavior, thoughts, and emotions of babies, children, and adolescents. (PSYC 286)

Studying psychology at Linfield

Beyond the classroom

  •  Work with our expert faculty on collaborative research projects.

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  • In-depth discussions and workshops with guest speakers and educators.

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  • Research questions of psychology in social settings – in the Linfield community, the local community or even across the globe while studying abroad.

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  • Become a psychology student ambassador through the department's ambassador program.

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  • Present at a regional or national conference such as The Association of Psychological Science.

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Intern in all areas of psychology

Internships provide invaluable hands-on experience and further develop your professional skills. Some companies where psychology majors at Linfield have found internship placements include:

  • Maui Family Support Services
  • Lutheran Community Services
  • Henderson House Domestic Abuse Resource Center
  • Juliette's House Child Abuse Assessment Center


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