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Linfield First-Gen By the Numbers

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By the numbers

The following data represents all Linfield student populations unless otherwise indicated, as of fall 2021.


First-year students


All Linfield students


Student, faculty, staff and alumni mentors

Ethnic distribution

Reported ethnicities of our first-gen student population
Ethnicity Percent
White 49%
Hispanic/Latino 32.8%
Two or more races 6.9%
Asian American 6.4%
Black or African American 1.9%
Declined to state 1.3%
Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander 0.7%
American Indian/Alaskan Native 0.5%
International 0.5%


Reported genders of our first-gen student population
Identified gender Percent
Female 72%
Male 28%

Home states

Reported home states of our first-gen student population
State Percent
Oregon 72.7%
Washington 12.3%
California 6.2%
Hawaii 4.7%
Alaska 1%
Colorado 0.8%
Nevada 0.7%
International 0.5%
Idaho 0.3%
Armed Forces Europe 0.2%
Maryland 0.2%
Nebraska 0.2%
Texas 0.2%