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The top of Pioneer Hall through vibrant fall leaves on the trees.

First Scholars Program Pledge

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Expectations of the program

What's expected of you as a Linfield First Scholars, first-generation student and scholarship recipient:


Linfield defines first-generation, or "first-gen," as a student whose parents did not complete a bachelor's degree or a student from a single-parent home whose parent did not complete a bachelor's degree. All first-gen students in their first year of college are eligible to receive a need-based Linfield First scholarship. As a recipient of the scholarship, you become part of the Linfield First Scholars Program.


As a first-gen student, you will arrive on campus early. If you’re not already arriving for a fall sport or movement program, you will sign up for one of our five pre-orientation programs and move into your housing the Friday before new student orientation.


Throughout your first year you’ll get paired with a peer mentor and a faculty or staff mentor. They’ll guide and support you through year one. You’ll have an opportunity to apply to be a mentor at the end of your first year at Linfield, to support an incoming first-gen student.

Year-round programming

The First Scholars Program hosts monthly resource meetings to keep you informed on resources and support at Linfield and beyond. This includes Learning Support Services, career assistance, scholarships, personal finance, mental health and an alumni panel.