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Life After Linfield

Your chemistry degree will open doors for your career

As a chemistry major at Linfield studying the foundation of matter and its interactions, you are part of the next generation of scientists that will tackle big questions related to issues such as:

  • Disease
  • Medicine
  • Agriculture
  • Policy

As such, you are encouraged to consider the diverse career paths open to chemists in the five main sectors:

  • Industry: Medical, Applied Research, Quality Control, Manufacturing, Sales
  • Academia: Professor, Basic Research, High School
  • Government: Public Health, Environmental Protection
  • Non-Profit: Science Policy, Public Outreach, Social Impact/Activism
  • Entrepreneurship: Consulting

Departmental Alumni

Chemistry department graduates have an impressive record of successfully entering graduate programs, medical schools, pharmacy schools, and obtaining industrial positions. Since 2005, 86% of our majors have been admitted to a graduate program (in chemistry or a health related field). 

Students who completed majors in a second department are noted; graduates who have completed the requirements for American Chemical Society certification are notated with (*).

Check out the American Chemical Society's website - College to Career - for more ideas!

Class of 2020 

  • Haley Smith: Ph.D. student at U of O
  • Zachary McCleod
  • Fatima Falcon-Ontiveros: Medical Interpreter for Professional Interpreters Inc. in Salem, OR

Class of 2019

  • Andrew Fischer: Precision Analytical
  • Kaedi Fry (chemistry/mathematics double major)
  • Olivia Hollenbeck
  • Luis Perez Morales (chemistry/mathematics double major): student at U of O (Physical Chemistry)
  • Luke Rahn

 Class of 2018

  • Zane Bradshaw*
  • Jamie Talbo

Class of 2017

  • Madison (Gladding) Monahan: Chemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, University of Washington, Seattle WA
  • Sadie Grasle (chemistry/secondary education double major) - Science Instructor, Sandy High School, Sandy OR
  • Alex Keyes  - Pharmacology Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA
  • David Mason* - Chemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ
  • Chris Munjar - US Teaching Assistantship at Austrian Secondary Schools Program
  • John Remeto
  • Allison Smith* -Chemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, University of Arizona, Tucson AZ
  • Shelby Vanaken - Graduate Student, Masters in Education, Portland State University, Portland, OR

Class of 2016

  • Tanner Corrado* - Ph.D. candidate, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, IN
  • Brenna (Stinson) Gomez -Oregon State University Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine, Corvallis, OR
  • Joseph Perryman* - Chemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, University of California, Davis, Davis CA

Class of 2015

  • Evan Carlson - Precision Analytical, McMinnville OR
  • Caitlin Conlon
  • Malley Nason - Research Associate, Indi Molecular, Culver City, CA
  • Kevin Romero* - Ph.D. Candidate, Organic Chemistry, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor MI

Class of 2014

  • Dr. Kathryn Corp - (Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) Univ. of Washington, 2019) - Senior Engineer at OPUS 12, Berkeley, CA
  • Jason Hight - Environmental Technician II, McMinnville Water and Light, McMinnville OR
  • Sara Patty - R&D Chemical Technician, 3D Systems, Wilsonville OR
  • Yura Sim
  • Stephanie Stovall - Research Assistant, Oregon Health & Science University, Portland OR

Class of 2013

  • Andrew Carpenter - (M.S., 2016) Ph. D. Candidate, Physical Chemistry, University of Oregon, Eugene OR
  • Amy Cunningham - University of Nevado, Reno (Ph.D. program - Physical Chemistry), Reno NV
  • Daniel Urness - Medical School, Oregon Health Sciences University, Portland OR

Class of 2012

  • Joseph Mullen - HACCP Supervisor, Tyson Foods
  • Joell Reyes - (B.S., in Nursing, Seattle University, 2017), Swedish, Seattle WA

Class of 2011

  • Yuhong Cao - Chemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. program, Stanford University, Stanford CA
  • Dr. Halee Hyatt -Associate Dentist, Bellingham, WA.  University of Washington D.D.S. 2015, Seattle, WA
  • Christopher Jenness - (chemistry/biology double major) - Biochemistry Graduate Student, Ph.D. Program, Rockefeller University, New York, NY

Class of 2010

  • Dr. Diane Morgan - (Pharm. D. - University of Southern California, 2015) Clinical Pharmacist, San Diego, CA. 
  • Veronica Siller - (Chemistry/Mathematics double major) Laboratory Coordinator, Linfield University, McMinnville OR
  • Dr. Dylan Sorber - (D.M.D. - Oregon Health & Science University, 2014)
  • Katie Sours - (M.P.H. - Boston University, 2013) S.N.A.C.K. Coordinator, Physicians Medical Center, McMinnville, OR.
  • Dr. Victoria Treadaway - (M.S. - 2015/Ph.D. -2019 (Oceanography), Univ. of Rhode Island) - Univ. of Miami, PostDoctoral Assistant

Class of 2009

  • Daniel Creasy - (B.S. (Electrical Engineering) - University of Alaska, Fairbanks, 2017)
  • Dr. Jeneva Foster - (Ph.D. (Biochemistry) - University of Oregon, 2015) - Instructor, Biochemistry, Oregon State University, Corvallis OR. 
  • Dr. Evan Hiles - (D.P.T. -  Pacific University 2013) - Physical Therapist, Hillsboro OR.
  • Dr. Rachel Kaneta - (D.O. - University of California, Berkeley, 2015) - Optometrist, United States Air Force. 
  • Dr. Janine Lee - (PharmD. - Oregon State University, 2014) - Clinical Pharmacist. 
  • Dr. Jessica Petrovich - (M.D. - Oregon Health and Sciences University, 2017) - Family Medicine Resident, University of Utah. 

Class of 2008

  • Dr. Caitlin Deane (che/bio double major) - (Ph.D. (Biochemistry), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 2016) - Associate Editor, Nature Chemical Biology
  • Dr. Kevin Caple - (Ph.D. (Chemical Engineering), Oregon State University, 2014) - Senior Process Development Engineer, Albermarle Corp., Baton Rouge LA. 
  • Dr. Veronica Janhunen - (M.D. - University of Nevada, Reno, 2012) - Pediatrician, Northeastern Nevada Medical Group, Elko, NV
  • Dr. Kelly Peng - (D.O. (Doctor of Osteopathy) Western University of Health Sciences, 2012 - ) - Navel Medical Center, San Diego CA.
  • Dr. Jeremy Whitney - (Doctor of Optometry, State University of New York, 2014) - Optometric Physician. 
  • Marcia Willard - (M.F.A., University of Cincinnati, 2012) - Retail Manager, Westport Winery, Aberdeen WA. 

Class of 2007

  • Dr. Ehow Chen - (Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry), Northwestern University 2012) - VP (Customer Insights), Ambition Data LLC, Portland OR. 
  • Dr. Lee Chiat Ch'ng - (Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry),  University of Southern California, 2013) - Intellectual Property Engineer, Singapore.
  • Randi (Duchemin) Marx - (M.S. (Molecular Biology), University of Oregon, 2011) - Senior Scientist, Product Development, Lonza Group, Bend OR.
  • Cathy Pham - Research Assistant, Nunhems, Sacramento CA
  • Fan Shi - (chemistry/mathematics double major) - (M.S. (Statistics), University of Chicago 2010, Chicago IL) - Strategic Analytics Director FCB Global, Chicago IL. 
  • Dr. Chinmayee Subban (che/bio double major) - (Ph.D. (Chemistry and Chemical Biology), Cornell University, 2011) - Energy/Environmental Policy Research Scientist/Engineer - Lawerence Berkeley National Lab

Class of 2006

  • Dr. Hannah (Arntz) Hatley -  (Doctor of Pharmacy, Pacific University, 2009) - Pharmacist, Burns OR.
  • Molly (Corbari) Lundy
  • Theresa Crecelius - University of Washington (BS, Medical Technology)
  • Mujib Kamawal - Project Manager / Professional Engineer
  • Dr. Melissa Galloway - (Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry, University of Wisconsin, Madison,  2011) - Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry, Lafayette College, Easton PA. 

Class of 2005

  • Verina Kranak -Studio Manager, TheaterLab, New York, NY. Masters of Science, Materials Science, Arizona State University M.S. 2012, Tempe AZ
  • Dr. Robert Osten - Pacific University (Pharm. D., 2011).
  • Dr. Becky (Price) Colman (chem/biol double major) - (Ph.D. (Biology/Biological Sciences), Northern Arizona University,  2010) - Postdoctoral Researcher, University of California, San Diego,
  • Dr. Hilary Stricker - M.D., Medical College of Wisconsin 2009, Milwaukee WI