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Miller Fine Arts Center

Miller Fine Arts Center

Facilities and available equipment

student making potteryCeramics

The ceramics studio houses power and kick wheels, clay mixers, a clay extruder and a slab roller. Firing facilities include three electric kilns and two large gas-fired kilns; in addition, there are experimental test kilns and a raku kiln facility. A well-equipped glaze mixing area provides experience in glaze testing and calculation. An adjacent showcase houses a growing collection of ceramics from pre-Columbian times to the present.

3-dimensional design and sculpture

In the 3-D and sculpture studio, there is equipment to fabricate shapes with various molding materials such as plaster, concrete and clay. For metalwork we have oxy-acetylene and electric arc welding; plasma torch and a variety of metal fabricating tools. Power tools for woodworking include drill press, table saw, miter saw, and a variety of other power and hand tools.

This well-ventilated studio is also equipped with a spray booth. The shop is designed for multi-purpose experiences in a wide variety of materials.


The art department has facilities for both digital and black and white film photography. In our darkroom students have access to 5 Beseler 45MX enlargers with the capacity to work with 35mm, 120, and 4x5 film formats. For print finishing, there are a matt cutter, retouching supplies, and a 16x20 dry-mount press. Digital photography has a full media lab and DSLR cameras.

In addition, the photography area has studio strobes, tripods and a variety of other equipment.

Electronic media

In the Art Media lab, there are 13 Mac workstations. Additional equipment includes two Epson 13x19 color ink-jet printers and two Nikon scanners. Each station has the Adobe Creative Suite. Students have access to Wacom drawing tablets.

art_painting-studio.JPGPainting and drawing

In the combined drawing and painting studio there are easels, drawing horses, a matting station, two model platforms and lights.


We have a small, well-equipped printmaking lab for lithography and intaglio processes. Equipment includes two presses, one Dickerson Conversion press, a motor-driven Ettan hot plate, drying racks, curation station, grinding rack and sink, and a fine collection of Bavarian limestones.