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A building on the Portland campus with the word "Unstoppable" across the windows.

ASLU Portland Campus: 2023-24 Student Leadership

Posted on 08.14.23 by Mackenzie Phelps '16 in School of Nursing

ASLU Portland Cabinet 2023-24

The Associated Students of Linfield University Portland Campus (ASLU-PC) student government represents all Portland campus School of Nursing students. Student-appointed members of ASLU-PC keep you connected with committees, clubs, organizations and help coordinate social, cultural and educational events for the campus.

Meet your ASLU-PC cabinet officers

Bella Miranda-Goller '25, ASLU-PC president

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Sarah Roberts '24, ASLU-PC vice president

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  • Abbi Karsseboom '24, secretary
  • Katie Cornelius '26, committee director
  • Simone Czapkay '26, club director
  • Taylor Schneibel '25, vice president of programming board
  • Giselle Ramirez Ramirez '24, programming chair (cultural programs)
  • Abby Golik '25, programming chair (sports programs)
  • Ariana Villeda '25, programming chair (wellness programs)
  • Jazmyn Rodriguez '23, programming chair (snack shack)
  • Stella Davis '23, programming chair (sustainability)
  • Mia George '24, director of communications
  • Rachel Gurevich '22, December 2023 cohort senator
  • Jordan Jellef '25, May 2024 cohort senator
  • Carson Overstreet '26, December 2024 cohort senator
  • Lexy Rand '24, MEPN cohort senator
  • Hallie Poorman, ABSN cohort senator

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