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Meet Mariah Johnston ’25

A Transfer Student's Triumph

Portrait of Mariah Johnston ’25.

Posted on 10.13.23 by Gabriel Dawson ’24 in College of Arts & Science

Time to get serious

Mariah Johnston ’25, a journalism and media studies major, originally from Nevada, transferred to Linfield University from Edmonds College in Lynnwood, WA after just one year. Eager to prioritize her academics, she made the leap.

“I was mainly focused on playing volleyball and I was more involved in my sport than my studies,” Mariah explained. “I didn’t want to stay up there for one more year when I knew I could get a better education at Linfield.”

The transfer student experience at Linfield

When Mariah transferred, initially she felt a little nervous, but she quickly realized that Linfield was the right fit. “When you first arrive [as a transfer student], you might feel like you don’t know anyone, but by getting involved, you will meet people who can help you pursue your professional endeavors.”

Linfield University recognizes the challenges of transferring and offers a supportive community and a variety of programs to encourage student connection.

Opportunities for involvement beyond academics

Mariah found that becoming involved at Linfield was easier than she had anticipated. “With class sizes so small and super involved professors, it’s kind of hard not to be involved.”

She soon joined Alpha Phi Sorority, contributed to the Linfield Review, and secured a work-study position in the Office of Strategic Communications. These experiences have helped her forge meaningful relationships while applying her academic knowledge in professional settings.

Connections for future success

Her involvement is not limited to Linfield’s McMinnville campus. She currently interns at the Willamette Valley Visitors Association focusing on writing and photography. “I wouldn't have had this opportunity if one of my best friends hadn’t connected me,” Mariah said.

Linfield students find themselves on this journey together, championing each other during this period of professional growth as well as personal growth and self-discovery.

Paving the way for a brighter future

Mariah’s time so far at Linfield has set the stage for her future career in marketing and content management. “The professors and my peer network at Linfield are incredibly supportive, and I feel confident that I’m on the right path,” she stated.

“Linfield is a great place to build connections and professional skills while getting your degree.”