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Psychology Student Ambassador: Angie Gomez

Posted on 09.01.20 by Angie Gomez in

Meet Angie Gomez

Angie Gomez

Hello! My name is Angie Gomez I am a senior Psychology & English Literature double major. My hometown is Ketchikan, Alaska. I decided on coming to Linfield for the quality of education, leadership, and research opportunities for undergraduate students, as well as the small community and friendly atmosphere on campus.

My interest in psychology began in high school and expanded when I arrived on campus, began taking courses in the department, and met the faculty members. Since then I have really taken advantage of opportunities like research assistantships, TA positions, internships, and taking multiple psychology courses.

I also hold other leadership positions on campus, Resident Advisor, Peer Body Project Educator, Student Career Specialist, Sophomore Academy Student Researcher, and Psychology Department Ambassador! I have experience juggling multiple positions and commitments - time management is key!

In my free time, I enjoy hiking, camping, kayaking, painting, making pottery, going to the coast, and watching movies! Basically exploring the outdoors!

My plans after graduation are to continue school and obtain a master’s in counseling or speech-language - pathology. When I first got to Linfield I was sure I wanted to get a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, however, plans and goals change, which is completely ok! I am excited to finish my year at Linfield and look forward to learning about different fields like speech-language - pathology and different areas of focus for counseling.