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The neuroscience minor introduces you to the rapidly expanding field that seeks an in-depth understanding of the brain and nervous system. This minor is a great compliment to any major field of study if you wish to understand the neurological underpinnings of complex phenomena such as behavior, cognition and emotion.

As a neuroscience minor at Linfield

you might take:

Survey of Psychology

The study of human behavior. Neurological mechanisms, individual differences, learning, dysfunctional behavior and social processes. (PSYC 101)

Principles of Biology

An introduction to the fundamental principles of biology including the origin and diversity of living things; the molecular, cellular and genetic bases of life; the structure and function of organisms; their evolution and ecology. (BIOL 210)


Computer-based explorations of large biological datasets to test hypotheses in ecology, evolution, and genetics. As a project-based course, learn fundamental concepts and methods in bioinformatics, gain practical experience with bioinformatics tools, and develop basic skills in the collection and presentation of big data. (BIOL 340)

Minoring in neuroscience at Linfield

Learning outcomes

  • Understand the basic molecular, cellular, and anatomical structures of the nervous system

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  • Relate these structural elements to their proximate functions, as well as to the emergent behavior of the whole nervous system

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  • Integrate relevant theories from multiple fields within biology and psychology to construct a holistic understanding of the nervous systems

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  • Explore modern experimental and analytical methodologies in biology and psychology with relevance to neuroscience

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  • Relate their understanding of nervous systems to pertinent societal issues, such as neurodegenerative disorders, mental health and drug use

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Shanna Bowman
Shanna Bowman
Program Coordinator and Assistant Professor
Murdock Hall