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The linguistics minor at Linfield, rooted firmly in the humanities and social sciences, is a rewarding addition to majors in a wide variety of academic disciplines. Take at least one year of study in an ancient language and at least two years in a modern one, but linguistics is more than “just learning lots of languages.” 

As an linguistics minor at Linfield

you might take:

Cultural Anthropology

Anthropological study of culture and society; world cultures and their variation in social, political, and economic organization, belief systems and world view, material culture and the arts, patterns of adaptation. (ANTH 111)

Psychology of Language

Introduction to the psychological study of language representation, development and processing. (PSYC 288)

New Testament Greek

Study of Greek grammar; readings from the New Testament; use of exegetical tools. (RELS 200)

Minoring in linguistics at Linfield

Learning outcomes

  • Learn to describe with some precision the sounds and forms of language as well as the rules that govern language

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  • Explore the social contexts in which human thought is given meaning through language and language is in turn influenced by those social contexts


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  • Understand how Global Languages and Cultural Studies have evolved from their ancient forebears



    Compare standard written English with its spoken analogs in slang and dialect

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  • Learn how language expresses systems of human interaction, including patterns of migration and settlement history

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  • Study how humans acquire language and what mechanisms can impair that acquisition


    Assess the viability of endangered languages and the development of pidgins and creoles

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Masayuki Itomitsu
Masayuki Itomitsu
Department Chair and Associate Professor
Walker Hall