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Theatre & Communication Arts

Theatre & Communication Arts Portrait

The department houses two distinct but related academic programs, Theatre Arts and Communication Arts.

Communication Arts

Those who study communication arts explore the role of communication in human interaction. Topics range from public speaking and rhetoric to persuasion and political communication to interpersonal, nonverbal, and intercultural communication. Students may earn a major or minor in Communication Arts or a major in Intercultural Communication.

Intercollegiate Forensics

Linfield’s Communication Arts Program sponsors one of the oldest forensics (competitive speech and debate) programs in the United States. Students compete regionally, nationally, and internationally in individual speaking and interpretation events as well as British parliamentary (worlds) debate. Participation in Linfield forensics is open to all students.

Theatre Arts

Students involved in Linfield theatre are part of one of the most honored small college theatre programs in the Northwest. The Theatre Program typically stages four major productions a year as well as several other theatre events. Participation at any level in these productions is open to all students. First-year students, seniors, majors, and non-majors work side-by-side with faculty as actors, directors, designers, and technicians. Students may earn a major or minor in Theatre Arts.

Explore the TCA web site to learn more about our students, faculty, courses, degree requirements, financial aid, theatre productions, forensics team, and other experiential learning opportunities.

For more information contact the department chair or any other member of the faculty.    

Dr. Brenda DeVore Marshall
Professor of Theatre and Communication Arts
Chair, Department of Theatre and Communication Arts
900 SE Baker St., Unit A584
McMinnville, Oregon 97128