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Global and Cultural Studies

Why take global and cultural studies at Linfield?

The uniqueness of Linfield's global and cultural studies rests in its humanistic approach to the study. You will develop a specialized connection and proficiency through literature, cinema and other media in a non-English language. Understanding regional expressions foster deeper global awareness and appreciation.

A global and cultural studies major in French, Japanese or Latinx, allows you to:

  • Examine cultural expressions of our growing global connection
  • Develop the interpretive skills central to understanding an increasingly globalized world
  • Develop language proficiency in one of the non-English languages
  • Develops skills to interact and learn in a non-English language environment 


About the curriculum

Investigate how cultural texts (literature, cinema, music, theater, art, religion, etc.) articulate identity, power, equality and belonging. The following are some questions explored within the global and cultural studies:

  • How do cultural texts reflect similarities and differences within and across borders?
  • How do cultural texts imagine various interdependencies between communities?
  • How are ideas about gender, race, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality and class articulated through different cultural texts and how do they interact on a global stage?
  • What images of the environment and environmental crises are circulated in cultural texts?

Elective courses on thematic areas, an introductory methodology course, a study abroad experience and capstone are also integrated into these majors.

Global and Cultural Studies

Programs of Study

French art

French and Francophone Studies

The contributions of French-speaking cultures stretch across the globe, especially in the areas of food culture, fashion, theater, the visual arts, cinema and architecture. 

Japan architecture

Japanese Studies

Japanese has everything a student of language and culture might desire: rich history, fascinating cultural practices, interesting people, compelling places and global relevance.

Spanish heritage celebration

Latin American/Latinx Studies

Latin American and Latinx Studies explores communities in Latin America and the United States: their identities, their struggles, their aspirations.