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Linfield University banners on the McMinnville campus in spring

Common Reasons Students Cannot Register

Common Reasons Students Cannot Register

  1. Registering for a course without having the required prerequisites.
    Contact course instructor for approval, bring approval to Enrollment Services Office and the Registrar will manually add you to the course.

  2. Registering for a course that has reached its capacity.
    Join the waitlist or contact the course instructor for permission to increase the course capacity.

  3. Haven't reapproved or updated emergency contact information.
    Login to WebAdvisor and approve/update your information.

  4. Advisor has not cleared student for registration.
    Contact your Faculty Advisor.

  5. Student has outstanding financial obligations to the school.
    Contact the Business Office.

  6. Registering for more than 18 credits.
    Complete a Higher-than-Normal Credit Load Request, have it signed by the Dean of Nursing and bring to Enrollment Services Office.

  7. Already registered for this course as an audit or on the waitlist.
    A course can be waitlisted or audited, the registration system will not permit both. Complete an Add/Drop Form. The Registrar will manually register you for an audit or add you to the waitlist for this course.

  8. Taken the course previously as an audit or for credit at Linfield.
    Contact the Registration Department for assistance.

  9. Taken the course previously at another institution and has already been accepted for equivalent Linfield credit.
    Contact the Registration Department for assistance.