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HHPA 099 Petition

HHPA 099 Activity Course Contract By Arrangement


Complete contract and submit to the Enrollment Services Office. The instructor of record will be emailing you with a syllabus at the beginning of the term. Each of the following must be submitted to the instructor of record by the last scheduled class day in the semester:

Course Description

Enables students engaged in a formal fitness class offered outside of Linfield University to obtain college credit for the activity.  Note: The course must be taught by a certified fitness instructor.

Course Outcomes

  1. The student will complete 30 hours (one credit) or 60 hours (two credits) of a fitness classes, overseen by a qualified instructor at a gym, studio or other athletic facility.
  2. The student will reflect on the benefits of being involved in these classes.
  3. The student will track completion of the required hours of class participation with instructor verification. (see tracking sheet in syllabus)


  1. A journal of activity, documenting hours in attendance
  2. A two page reflection and summation of activity
  3. Fitness contract (below)
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