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Program Requirements for Digital Art

Digital Art

For a major in digital art: 56 to 57 credits distributed as follows.

8 credits form among:

4 credits of Journalism and Media Studies electives from among:

8 elective credits must be at the 300-level or above. Students seeking to declare a major in Digital Art shall submit a portfolio to the Art faculty. Portfolio reviews for those declaring the major will be scheduled each semester.

For a major in Digital Art - Thesis Track (advised for all majors who intend to attend graduate school or pursue a career in the visual arts): all requirements for the Digital Art major plus 490, 491 and one additional visual studies course (210, 214, or 315). Thesis track students must maintain an overall 2.500 GPA and a cumulative 3.000 average in all ARTS courses. Only thesis-track students are considered for departmental honors.

For Oregon Preliminary Teaching Licensure in Art: a student majoring in Studio Art must also complete a Secondary Education major with Licensure. In order to complete the Secondary Education major, students should begin taking education courses no later than their sophomore year. The student must be advised by faculty in both majors.