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Nutrition and Wellness Certificate

Certificate in

Nutrition and Wellness

The nutrition and wellness certificate program at Linfield University Online and Continuing Education can provide you with an understanding of the role of nutrition in promoting healthy lifestyle and longevity. You are equipped with knowledge and skills needed to thrive in health-related careers as they explore human nutrition, food science, nutrition-related policies and practices, cultural factors and environment, and research on balanced diets, weight management, disease prevention, exercise and sports.

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As a nutrition and wellness student at Linfield

you might take:


Nutrients in foods and their relation to the physical well-being and behavior of people. Issues of current national and international concern. (HHPA 280)

Fundamentals of Food Science: Lec and Lab

Insights into the chemical and physical properties of foods and beverages; factors influencing food quality during processing, preparation and storage; safety concepts; preservation, fermentation and cooking methods; recipe modification; sensory and objective evaluation of foods. (HHPA 281)

Food, Culture and Society

Explores the historical, cultural, economic and geopolitical interactions of food in a variety of cultures and examines the regional and environmental influences on taste and flavors. Topics include food-related to nations, religions, class/caste, communities and other societal boundaries. (HHPA 282)

Studying nutrition and wellness at Linfield

Learning Outcomes

  • Apply foundational food and nutrition knowledge.

    Critique evidence-based nutrition interventions for health, wellness, physical activity, sport and disease.

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  • Discuss diets, menu plans, nutritional supplements, caloric intake, and how they affect exercise performance and recovery.

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  • Apply and integrate person-centered principles supporting access to services, and promotes health and wellness of an individual and community.

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  • Apply cultural principles to guide services and to positively impact nutrition and health behaviors of individuals and the community.

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  • Apply effective communication techniques to achieve common nutrition health goals.

    Critique nutrition information and facilitates appropriate referrals.

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Employment Opportunities

With a certificate in nutrition and wellness from Linfield, you might seek a job as:

  • Personal trainer
  • Group fitness instructor
  • Massage therapist
  • Athletics trainer
  • Athlete
  • Athletic team coach

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Deanna Fairchild
Deanna Fairchild
Assistant Director of Admission for Online and Continuing Education