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faculty-student research


Meet our physics faculty

Luis Barajas - Lab Coordinator

Luis Barajas  Lab Coordinator

Graf 102


  • B.S. Universidad de Colima
  • M.S. State University of New York at Buffalo


Michael S. Crosser - Professor

Michael S. Crosser  Professor

Graf 103


Ph.D.: Physics, Michigan State University - East Lansing, MI; B.S.: Physics & Mathematics, Centre College - Danville, KY

I study how charges move through atomically thin materials, such as a form of carbon called graphene.  I regularly collaborate with students to collect and analyze data.  Most recently, I have created a science podcast called 'crisscrossing Science'.

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Jennifer Heath - Professor (Chair)

Jennifer Heath  Professor (Chair)

Graf 101


Ph.D., Physics, University of Oregon; M.S., Physics, University of Oregon; B.A., Mathematics and Physics, Whitman College.

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I teach throughout the physics curriculum, including Circuits, Electricity & Magnetism, and Energy & the Environment. I particularly enjoy mentoring independent projects and senior theses. My research team currently includes four students. They are working to unravel the novel physics that emerges in two-dimensional (2D) materials, and to create electronic devices by layering together various 2D materials in different combinations and geometries. I have also studied the properties of low-cost materials for solar cells. My research is funded by the M. J. Murdock Charitable Trust and the National Science Foundation.

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Joelle Murray - Associate Professor

Joelle Murray  Associate Professor

Graf 105


Ph.D., Physics, Michigan State University B.S., Physics & Mathematics, Beloit College

Next year, I'll be teaching INQS 125 (Nuclear Society), PHYS 210 (Introduction to Mechanics), PHYS 215 (Modern Physics), PHYS 325 (Computational Physics), and PHYS 420 (Classical Mechanics). I incorporate active learning pedagogies in each of my courses in order to best challenge and support students while they learn how to do physics. My current research revolves around my interest in complexity, particularly in biological systems, and is conducted in collaboration with undergraduate students (mainly during the summer). Currently, we are building a computational model for insect swarming, which we use to investigate emergent properties of swarms. 

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Tianbao Xie - Professor

Tianbao Xie  Professor

Graf 104

Education: B.S. Beijing Uinversity 1970 M.S. University of Oklahoma 1984 Ph.D. Uinversity of Oklahoma 1989

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