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Peer Body Project

Defining our own beauty

Through collaboration across gender studies, health, human performance and athletics, psychology, sociology, and student health, wellness and counseling center, Linfield Peer Body Project exists to promote a community of body activism that gives us the power to define beauty for ourselves.

We join 60 other college and universities across the country in implementing the Body Project, an evidence-based, peer-led prevention program. This unique program consists of four weekly discussion groups designed to help young women resist cultural pressures to conform to the ideals of female beauty.

Meet Our

Peer Educators

Peer Body Project
Peer Educator Maddi Jura
Peer Body Project
Peer Body Project Educator, Maddi
"After going through the peer body project program, I feel passionate about helping to spread the word of this amazing organization!"
Peer Body Project
Abby Gorton
Peer Body Project
Peer Body Project Educator, Abby
She is so excited to help the women on our campus and to spread body positivity and LOVE!
Peer Body Project
Angie Gomez Horta
Peer Body Project
Peer Body Project Educator, Angie
"Creating change begins with conversations, this is exactly what we’re doing!"
Peer Body Project
Nissa Jenson
Peer Body Project
Peer Body Project Educator, Nissa
"Let’s be body activists together and make a change!"

Connect with us

Please reach out! We are happy to answer any questions.

Tanya Tompkins, Professor of Psychology

Amy Orr, Professor of Sociology and Co-coordinator of Gender Studies

Janet Peterson, Professor of Health, Human Performance and Athletics

Peer Body Project Faculty Leaders
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