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aerial of south campus and athletic facilities

Athletic Training Competencies/Proficiencies Distributed by Course

The Athletic Training Educational Competencies/Proficiencies identify the knowledge and skills to be mastered in an entry-level athletic training program. The Linfield University AT program has distributed these competencies/proficiencies throughout the required courses in the major. The Athletic Training Educational Competencies/Proficiencies addressed in each course of the athletic training major are listed in the links below. Many of the competencies/proficiencies are addressed in more than one course, reflecting the philosophy of ‘learning over time’. Athletic training students in the program are encouraged to review the competencies/proficiencies that will be addressed in each of their required courses by visiting the appropriate link below.


Depending on your browser configuration, the files below may be viewable by your browser or will require a separate application to open them such as Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Adobe Reader. 

File Name

File Type

BIOL 212 Human Anatomy PDF
BIOL 213 Human Physiology PDF
HHPA 184 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injury PDF
HHPA 221 Professional Experience I Portfolio/Introduction PDF
HHPA 231 Professional Experience II Taping, Bracing, and Emergency Management PDF
HHPA 250 Prevention and Control of Disease PDF
HHPA 280 Nutrition PDF
HHPA 284 First-Aid & CPR I PDF
HHPA 285 First-Aid & CPR II PDF
HHPA 297 Introduction to Research in Physical Activity PDF
HHPA 321 Professional Experience III Injury Assessment and Evaluation PDF
HHPA 331 Professional Experience IV General Medical and Therapeutic Exercise PDF
HHPA 352 Kinesiology PDF
HHPA 360 Physiological Basis of Exercise, Training, and Conditioning PDF
HHPA 375 Pathophysiology and Therapeutic Exercise PDF
HHPA 376 Therapeutic Modalities PDF
HHPA 384 Advanced Assessment of Athletic Injuries PDF
HHPA 387 Performance Enhancement for the Injured Athlete PDF
HHPA 389 Topics in Athletic Training PDF
HHPA 421 Professional Experience V Therapeutic Modalities PDF
HHPA 431 Professional Experience VI Strength, Conditioning, and Professional Preparation PDF
HHPA 487 01 Internship - General Medical & Orthopedics PDF
HHPA 487 02 Internship - High School PDF
PSYC 101 Survey of Psychology PDF
PSYC 281 Intro to Abnormal and Community Psychology PDF