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Faculty Detail

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Jeremy Weisz Associate Professor (Chair)

Jeremy Weisz

Associate Professor (Chair)


  • B.S. in Zoology from University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Ph.D. in Marine Sciences from University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Murdock 211


Academic Interests:
Microbiology, Marine Biology, Ecology. I am interested in the ecology and evolution of symbiotic interactions between marine bacteria and their animal hosts.


Sacristan-Soriano O, Winkler M, Erwin P, Weisz, J, Harriott O, Heussler G, Bauer E, Marsden BW,  Hill A, Hill M (2019) Ontogeny of symbiont community structure in two carotenoid-rich, viviparous marine sponges: comparison of microbiomes and analysis of culturable pigmented heterotrophic bacteria. Environmental Microbiology Reports 11: 249-261.

Butler MJ IV, Weisz JB, Butler J (2018) The effects of water quality on back-reef sponge survival and distribution in the Florida Keys, Florida (USA). Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 503: 92–99.

Poppell E, Weisz J, Spicer L, Massaro A*, Hill A, Hill M (2014) Sponge heterotrophic capacity and bacterial community structure in high- & low-microbial abundance sponges. Marine Ecology 35: 414-424.

Massaro AJ*, Weisz JB, Hill MS, Webster, NS (2012) Behavioral and morphological changes caused by thermal stress in the Great Barrier Reef sponge Rhopaloeides odorabile.  Journal of Experimental Marine Biology and Ecology 416-417:55-60.

Weisz JB, Massaro AJ*, Ramsby B, Hill MS (2010) Zooxanthellar symbionts shape host sponge trophic status through translocation of carbon. Biological Bulletin 219:189-97.

Southwell MW, Weisz JB, Martens CS, Lindquist N (2008)In situ fluxes of dissolved inorganic nitrogen from the sponge community on Conch Reef, Key Largo, Florida.  Limnology and Oceanography 53: 986-996.

Weisz JB, Lindquist N, Martens CS (2008) Do associated microbial abundances impact marine demosponge pumping rates and tissue densities?  Oecologia 155:367-376.

Schmitt S, Wehrl M, Lindquist N, Weisz JB, Hentschel U (2007) Morphological and molecular analyses of microorganisms in Caribbean reef adult sponges and in corresponding reproductive material In: Custódio MR, Lôbo-Hajdu G, Hajdu E, Muricy G (eds). Porifera research: biodiversity, innovation and sustainability. Série Livros 28. Museu Nacional, Rio de Janeiro. pp. 561-568