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Faculty Detail

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Lisa Weidman Associate Professor & Department Chair

Lisa M. Weidman

Associate Professor & Department Chair


Ph.D., Mass Communications, Syracuse University M.S., Media Administration, Syracuse University B.A., English/Writing Sequence, University of California at Davis

Renshaw 102A


Academic Interests:

  • Popular communication (including sports media, tabloid newspapers, magazines, social media and alternative media for adolescents)

  • Influences on media content (media sociology)

  • Agenda setting theory

  • Diffusion of Innovations theory

  • Cultural studies


Weidman, L. M. (2016). Attributes of a cultural/consumer product: Oregon wine. Chapter in L. Guo & M. McCombs (Eds.), The Power of Information Networks: New Directions for Agenda Setting. New York: Routledge.

Beachboard, M. R., & Weidman, L. M. (2013). Client-Centered Skill Sets: What Small IMC Agencies Need from College Graduates. Journal of Advertising Education, 17(2), 28-38.

Sumner, D. T., & Weidman, L. M. (2013). Eco-terrorism or Eco-tage: An Argument for the Proper Frame. Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment, 20(4), 1–22.

Weidman, L. M. (2010). Homophobia, Heterosexism, and Ambivalence in the Premier Issue of Sports Illustrated Women|Sport. In L.K. Fuller (Ed.), Sexual Sports Rhetoric: Global and Universal Contexts (pp. 147-158). New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Scharrer, E., Weidman, L. M., & Bissell, K. (2003). Pointing the Finger of Blame: News Media Coverage of Popular-Culture Culpability. Journalism & Communication Monographs, 5(2), 48-98.

Beal, B., & Weidman, L. M. (2003). The Authentic Skateboarder Identity. In R. Rinehart & S. Sydnor (Eds.), To the Extreme: Alternative Sports Inside and Out (pp. 337-352). Albany, NY: SUNY Press.

Weidman, L. M. (2001). Tales from the Testosterone Zone. In E. L. Toth & L. Aldoory (Eds.),The Gender Challenge to Media: Diverse Voices from the Field (pp. 61-103). Cresskill, NJ: Hampton Press.

Courses at Linfield

  • Principles of Public Relations
  • Principles of Advertising
  • Public Relations Writing
  • Media Theory and Criticism
  • Social Media Theory and Practice
  • Introduction to Media Writing
  • Career Preparation
  • Senior Capstone