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Jennifer Heath Professor (Chair)

Jennifer Heath

Professor (Chair)


Ph.D., Physics, University of Oregon; M.S., Physics, University of Oregon; B.A., Mathematics and Physics, Whitman College.

Graf 101


Academic Interests:
Electronic properties of materials (especially understanding and improving materials for solar cells)

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A few recent publications:

J. T. Heath and J. Li, “Ch. 1: Introduction to capacitance spectroscopy in semiconductors,” and J. T. Heath, “Ch. 4: Capacitance-Voltage and Drive-Level Capacitance Profiling,” in Capacitance spectroscopy of semiconductors, edited by J. Li, in press (Pan-Stanford, est. 2018).

J.T. Heath and P.W. Zabierowsky, “Capacitance spectroscopy of thin-film solar cells,” in Advanced Characterization Techniques for Thin-Film Solar Cells, 2nd edition, edited by D. Abou-Ras, T. Kirchartz, and U. Rau (Wiley, Weinheim Germany, 2016) Ch. 4.

C.W. Warren, J. Li, C.A. Wolden, D.W. Miller, J.T. Heath, M.C. Lonergan, “The effect of copper on the sub-bandgap density of states of CdTe solar cells,” Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 203903 (2015).

J.W. Boucher, D.W. Miller, C.W. Warren, J.D. Cohen, B.E. McCandles, J.T. Heath, M.C. Lonergan, S.W. Boettcher, “Optical response of deep defects as revealed by transient photocapacitance and photocurrent spectroscopy in CdTe/CdS solar cells,” Sol. En. Mat. and Sol. Cells 129, 57 (2014).

J.T. Heath, C. –S. Jiang, and M.M. Al-Jassim, “Measurement of semiconductor surface potential using the scanning electron microscope,” J. Appl. Phys. 111, 046103 (2012). 

C. -S. Jiang, J.T. Heath, H.R. Moutinho, and M.M. Al-Jassim, "Scanning Capacitance Spectroscopy on n+-p asymmetrical Junctions in Multicrystalline Si Solar Cells," J. Appl. Phys 110, 014514, (2011).