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Frequently Asked Questions

In case you missed it, you can watch a recording of our Commencement information session held on April 15 for graduates and families for additional information.

View the information session

Questions about Carmencement 2021

The following will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about our 2021 Commencement plans. If you have further questions, please contact us at

  • What are the specific plans for carmencement?

    Details for the day are still taking shape. However, we anticipate directing all families to one entrance to proceed through a series of stations. Graduates will have the opportunity to leave their acorn, hear their name called, walk across the Commencement stage, receive their diploma, turn their tassel and more. Families will be able to take photos of these moments and we will also have a professional photographer at a couple of the stations.

    Specific information was released to students and their families in late March. We will also offer an informational session over Zoom on Thursday, April 15 at noon. Register for the Zoom online.

  • I do not have a vehicle. Can I still participate in carmencement?

    Of course. You can move through the stations on foot. The vehicles are simply a way for family members to participate safely.

  • How many cars is each graduate allowed?

    We will allow up to two vehicles per graduate. Though we would love to be able to allow more, we also need to be mindful of the flow of the event and our parking limitations.

  • Can family members exit the car for photos?

    For the first several stations – acorn drop, diploma pick up, tassel turn, etc. – we are asking that family members stay in the car and take photos of their graduates from there. However, there will be options for families to park and exit the car for some family photos at the end of the stations.

  • Can I come with my friends or roommates instead of or in addition to my family?

    Yes. You and your friends or roommates may want to sign up for the same time slot so that you can take some group photos together.

  • How do I sign up for a time slot?

    In late March, we sent an email to eligible students. Students can use the link in that email to sign up for a 30-minute window on Sunday, May 2. If you believe you are eleigible to graduate and you did not receive the email, please email

  • May we arrive early?

    Unfortunately, no. In order to keep the flow of traffic moving efficiently and as comfortably for all involved as possible, we hope that you and your family can arrive during the 30-minute window you select.

  • What if the allotted time slots are not convenient for me or my family?

    We are hoping that you and your family have reserved Sunday, May 2 for a day of celebrating. We will have many blocks throughout the day for you to participate in the celebrations. Please contact if none of the available options work for you.

  • I am not planning to attend carmencement. How will I receive my diploma?

    We'll miss you! When you receive the link to sign up for carmencement, simply indicate you are not planning to participate. We will mail your diploma to you once you have completed all graduation requirements.

  • Where can we go to celebrate following carmencement?

    There are a number of wonderful restaurants in McMinnville. You can find information at Visit McMinnville. Many of the McMinnville restaurants have outside dining options. Due to COVID restrictions, there may be limits on seating, so we recommend you make reservations, if possible.