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Eight people sitting around a board room table while one woman is leading the discussion at the head of the table

Women in Leadership Program

Develop strategies and interpersonal skills for greater success

Women have always been at the forefront of policy change and breaking barriers. Today’s female executives work hard to balance personal and professional lives while exceeding expectations. Resilience and determination continues to empower women toward their goals to become chiefs of industry. You'll learn to navigate the nuances of thought leadership, barrier destruction and organizational influence. This program serves as a platform for women to engage and uplift each other by inspiring positive change.

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About the Women in Leadership Program

The Linfield University Online and Continuing Education's Women in Leadership Certificate Program is designed by industry experts for professionals seeking expert advice, strategies and practical tools. From your initial personal leadership assessment to team building, negotiation strategies, communications, organizational culture and more, be ready to roll up your sleeves and apply new skills in this hands-on, interactive course.

Benefits to companies:

  • Gain strategies to reduce lost revenue and improve work performance.
  • Convert unproductive conflict to profitable dialogue.
  • Encourage high-value employees to realize their full potential.
  • Hone and perfect managerial skills.
  • Develop specific tools for managing communication and productivity among diverse, interpersonal styles.
  • Encourage the health and well-being of employees by improving overall organizational behavior.
  • Perfect decision-making and problem-solving skills.

Benefits to students:

  • Discover impactful skills and tools for leadership, resulting in an improved bottom line.
  • Learn the secrets of happiness for work-life balance.
  • Set goals for negotiation and strategy and make actionable plans.
  • Understand the many facets of transformational and transactional leadership and its effect on obtaining an ethical ROI.
  • Assert your power and position without compromising integrity.
  • Evade the antiquated methods of valuing your worth and demonstrate your real value through appropriate communication and dialogue.

Program details

The cost of the Women in Leadership Certificate Program in either format is $4,995.

Online format: eight modules

Rolling admission - start anytime:

  • Self-paced
  • Workbooks, eBooks and all course materials
  • Hands-on projects
  • Interactive discussion boards

In-person format: four consecutive days

Dates TBD:

  • Breakfast and lunch
  • Workbooks, eBooks and all course materials
  • Hands-on projects
  • Networking events

The curriculum

The interdisciplinary curriculum packs thought leadership, strategies, innovative frameworks and peer discussions into eight modules. Industry professionals lead you through the program while sharing their real-world expertise and guidance.

During the course, you'll gain dozens of workbooks, eBooks, motivational posters and online assessments to help you set goals and promote values within your organizational culture.

You'll walk away with knowledge, plans ready for implementation and a certificate that shows you've invested in yourself and your career.

  • Module 1: Pillars of Positivity

    Explore the important pillars of positivity and networking for female leaders. Learn to successfully lead change in your organization by understanding your strengths and how to use them, both intentionally and purposefully.

    • Develop your own feminine strength, style and strategies.
    • Discover the power of high achieving female role models.
    • Break down silos and shatter the glass ceiling.
  • Module 2: Inspiring Emotional Intelligence

    Identify and assess empathy among employees and colleagues. Discover how to use your own experiences to inspire and lead team dynamics.

    • Overcome individual and interpersonal barriers.
    • Learn how to train teams for greatness.
    • Uncover the elements of emotional intelligence that make an impact on your organization.
  • Module 3: ​Winning Work-Life Balance and Mentoring

    Embrace your self-confidence and expand your leadership while balancing your professional and personal life. Then, delve into mentorship and discover the rewards for everyone, including your organization.

    • Identify the four essential elements of balance: learn, interact, framework, excel.
    • Explore the benefits of a flexible working environment.
    • Develop an action plan to help foster mentorship opportunities.
  • Module 4: Improving Communication Habits

    Overcome challenges with diversity and adversity in a dynamic work environment. Generate strategies to communicate with a dynamic workforce while facing challenges and embracing inclusivity.

    • Uncover verbal and nonverbal communication patterns.
    • Examine gender differences in leadership styles.
    • Develop your own style for speaking and presenting.
  • Module 5: Advocacy, Actions and Accountability

    Create your own advocacy plan, define your success measurements and what resources you’ll need. Learn to be more assertive, when to take decisive actions and how to allocate resources to hold everyone accountable.

    • Identify how female encouragement is used in the decision-making process.
    • Generate advocacy and reformation for policy change.
    • Learn to properly allocate resources to influence and improve employee performance.
  • Module 6: Skills for Contracts and Negotiations

    Develop collaborative communication processes and skills for negotiation. Harness the power of your actions to lead and manage efforts in your organization, resulting in measurable and accountable projects.

    • Discover ways to enhance your confidence, behavior and actions during the negotiation process.
    • Understand the benefits of respect, resolution and returns for female negotiators.
    • Learn close-to-the-vest strategies – she who speaks first often loses the game.
  • Module 7: Driving Ideas, Intellectual Growth and Transformation

    Learn to use idea sprinting and new product development as a means for intellectual growth and relevancy. Determine how ideas generated within an organization lead to transformational and transactional success.

    • Identify the importance of the leader-member exchange theory.
    • Explore methods that foster idea generation.
    • Drive relationship-based innovation and learn how it impacts achievement among employees.
  • Module 8: Executive Leadership and Organizational Culture

    Change is hard, people are resistant and the market is becoming more fiercely competitive every day. Organizations must quickly evolve or be left behind. It takes a special leader to navigate these waters and get your entire organization marching to the same drummer. Arm yourself with these indispensable leadership skills.

    • Discover how to drive adoption across your entire organization.
    • Successfully jumpstart your role by gaining quick wins and bringing others along with you.
    • Become a successful change agent for experience-first thinking and inspire change.
  • Capstone Project: Women in Leadership Personal Growth and Organizational Strategic Plans

    To reap the highest ROI, you're encouraged to create your very own strategic plan. Complete the Personal Growth Plan to step into your newfound power with confidence, authenticity and presence. Or, use the Organization Strategic Plan to support all women in leadership throughout your entire company. Each program workbook and exercise helps build your very own professional Women in Leadership portfolio.

Meet the leadership team

Portrait of Sarit LevyDr. Sarit J. Levy, Chief Learning Officer at Zschool

From patent acquisition to web development, Dr. Sarit Levy strives to build strong foundations and scalable practices for each organization she works with. These organizations span multiple industries, countries and platforms. These solutions led to the development of an innovative way to measure a firm's contributions and predict future success.

As an academic and entrepreneur, Dr. Levy has led, advised and taught business programs for top universities and organizations around the globe. She is multi-lingual, and Dr. Levy is also well-versed in sustainability, analytics and international negotiations. With a Ph.D. in business administration from Touro University International and an M.S. in management engineering and computer science from Long Island University, she's played an integral role in many successful accreditation processes and continues to be an influencer in business leadership.

Portrait of Blanca GreensteinBlanca Greenstein, Esq.

Blanca was a lawyer for 25 years and served as a trial lawyer (voted Lawyer of the Year at the Public Defender's Office), head of litigation for a publicly traded corporation Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC, partner of two major law firms (Morris Laing Evans Brock & Kennedy, Chtd and Greenstein & Associates) and is also an inventor of a fully patented custom-built email management program called Ingate, which she invented to process high volumes of corporate email.

Blanca’s true calling however is to produce broadcasts on a variety of topics to educate and empower her audience. The collective influences within the Laws of Life team reach almost 74,000 followers in South Florida. Blanca also believes in the power of networking and also hosts a weekly networking event attended by business owners nationwide. Blanca is a superior public speaker that fires up her audience and motivates her listeners to be the best person they can possibly be. She is featured on 95.9 and 106.9 radio stations and has a regularly scheduled podcast and webcast that is always FIRED UP! Blanca is a force to be reckoned with and appears as a speaker at events worldwide.

Portrait of Corvaya JeffriesCorvaya Jeffries

As a veteran journalist and reporter for some of the top news teams in the U.S., Corvaya is both a newscaster and a news-maker. After launching Florida Time, an online platform featuring news from 22 South Florida teams, she's grown both her subscriber base and her talents as a storyteller. While working for organizations like CNN, she regularly improves content, manages apps and teams, audits competitors and pitches breaking news events. A driven thought leader, Corvaya’s dedication to copywriting, editing and multi-platform production has led to industry accolades such as a CNN Diversity Fellow and the winner of Cox Media Group’s Digital Talent Program.

Portrait of Stephene KleinStephene Klein, MPH, MPHA, MB

As a real estate broker, radio host and positivity influencer, Stephene is used to taking on many roles. Whether she's selecting commercial properties for expansion or reaching an audience of more than 87,000 through various media platforms, Stephene stays focused on four foundational principles: resilience, resourcefulness, resolve and reinvention. She's reinvented herself many times over 20 years in public relations, marketing, advertising and business development. After working with CBS, Nielsen and JK Whatley, she's received awards for creative writing and video production, and was nominated for Fortune Magazine's 40 Under 40.

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Program Manager