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Pioneer Hall in the spring

Student Profile

Linfield students come from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

But the overarching characteristics are intellectual curiosity, engagement with the community and world, and a respect for others and the world.

The McMinnville Campus

The McMinnville Campus student body is traditional for a college-going population – the average age is 20, with most students coming to Linfield directly from high school. The population of first-generation students averages around 20% of each entering class, with the population of U.S. students of color at 32% for the incoming class.

Once on campus, students are highly involved in many of the more than 50 clubs and organizations, intercollegiate sports (Linfield offers 19 varsity sports), or the performing arts (there are 14 musical groups and a robust theatre program).

The Portland Campus

Students on the Portland Campus are focused on nursing and health care. The student body is more diverse in regard to age and educational and experiential backgrounds. The size of classes and the campus makes for a close-knit and supportive community. Students are involved on campus and in the community through student government, clubs and activities sponsored by the college throughout the year.

Online and Continuing Education

As an online program, students in Online and Continuing Education are a diverse group. As a member of the Linfield community, students have access to the Linfield libraries, and for those in close proximity to campus, access to Linfield events. OCE students are also invited to participate in the college’s commencement with students from the McMinnville and Portland campuses.